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Am I unattractive + Would this hairstyle suit me?

My hair is always parted in the middle with long layers and I want to change it up a bit. I have a bit of acne you can't see here but this is how I currently look: (Yes, I'm wearing a shirt)

I'm condsidering side bangs but I don't know which kind. I don't want my hair to be annoying me while I'm working or just overall. I don't want the swoopy ones that are rounded because I have chubby cheeks and it excentuates it. I don't have stick straight hair and it's fairly wavy. I was thinking of this cut:

Do you think it would suit me and what should I ask for? I want more volume on my head, not flat, regular side bangs like most + What do you think of my appearance?

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    First off, you are NOT unattractive. I really like both of those haircuts and I think the long side bangs would look really nice. Print out the picture & head to the salon. Ask for a root volumizer while you are there. It may be a bit expensive but a little goes a long way with great results. Enjoy your new do!

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    I think your hair looks good how it is, but if you want to change it to one of those, I like the second one.

    My hair is about the lengh of yours and I'm trying to decide if I should cut it all off (I'm a guy)

    & my gf is Chinese and you look alike (she's very tan tho) and she let's hers grow long and then cuts it to about shoulder lengh. Maybe try that?

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