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Analysis on the poem Waiting for You?

What is you initial response to the poem Waiting for You and your interpretation of the authors voice (images, emotion, language, themes, rhyme and rhythm, form and structure, themes and ideas).

this is the poem:

Waiting for You By Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd,

I'm a do

What I want

To do and that is

wait on you

You got a

Lot to go through

You are

So far away too

And as soon

As you come in

You'll make my life

An earthly heaven

I am going to

Wait on you

I feel what

You're going through

I want to

See you and hold you too

So I'm waiting

For you.


The poem is from the Harlem Renaissance

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    The language of it is rather simplistic, which is OK with me. The message is youthful, perhaps even immature and idealistic, but I can be OK with that. What I'm a bit less than OK with is the erratic and troublesome rhyme scheme.

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    I think Ron Weasley just about summed up this sort of poem, in the Harry Potter series.

    "Troll isn't a language! You can't speak Troll! It is just pointing and grunting!"



    "The poem is from the Harlem Renaissance."

    No, it isn't.

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