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Is there any possible way to access private Facebook profiles?

Before you try & call me a stalker, let me explain why I want to access a private profile.

Someone has been stealing my cousins photo's & claiming them as their own, or so we think. The profile is completely private & I have no mutual friends with this person, so I'm only able to view the name & the picture. We're curious to see what this person is saying & claiming, to see whether we should pursue getting in contact with somebody to deal with this. We've reported the profile & all (five months ago,) & Facebook has done NOTHING.

I've searched some things on Google & YouTube but they're all scams, well this one thing seemed somewhat accurate but the person's login didn't work & I tried creating my own, but my computer kept taking me to a different page.

Does anybody know any ACCURATE ways of accessing a private Facebook account? I don't mean signing into it, I just mean being able to see the pictures, possibly a wall, etc. If not that's cool, but I thought it's worth a try..

FYI, my cousin is in no way famous or anything, somebody's just lifeless & has to decided to take her pictures & claim them as their own! Weird, right!?

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    I would create a fake email on either here or hotmail (super easy and quick to do so)

    make a fake facebook yourself

    take some random picture off google images (they're already out there so it's anyone's game)

    make the profile look legit

    add the person who's stealing the stuff, and then obviously you'll have unlimited access if they confirm you. which they likely will since they are obviously desperate for a social life!

    Hope it works out.

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    You must get the person to add you as a friend, or find someone who is a friend of the person to show you what is on their profile. Facebook is very secure, and no outside service will give you access to another person's account.

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    Have you tried adding them as a friend? You could possibly try that, or maybe if you already have, and they denied you, then maybe try to create a new Facebook page and put some fake info and pics and then try adding her as a friend. That's all I can think of.

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