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Becoming an informed smoker?

I am an 18 year old recreational cannabis smoker and i would like to become more informed about the plant. Please suggest any books that i could read that would better my knowledge about marijuana or any websites i should visit or any songs i should listen to. I've been smoking weed off and on since I was 14 and I have been smoking almost daily for a year.


like I said i've been smoking for 4 years, and i'm not an idiot, i do know about the union(i've seen it 4 times i think) and i've read a a bunch of info off the internet.

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    This site is excellent for current news:

    also, check out the interviews on this site:

    If you're interested in growing watch these:

    And sign up on - you'll find tons of knowledge there.

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    I like norml.

    Familiarize yourself with the dea's website. Next look up every single reference they cite. Find the studies. Read them. Pull out the biases. KNOW what they are. So many people dont. That bit of ignorance is the largest thing keeping prohibition alive today, in my opinion.

    KNOW the REAL facts about marijuana.... like, dont go around saying marijuana has never killed anyone... even speaking strictly of fatal over dose, it simply isnt true. Difficult, improbable, I know, but HAS happened.

    Another one is the real medical contraindications. Many dont know them, instead spouting that mj causes schizophrenia. One of them has to do with weakened immune systems and mj causing infection. The pro pot people refute this with studies that show no harm to the immune system no matter how much thc and marijuana is given. What they dont tell you is that marijuana is a raw plant, just like apples off the tree.

    People who have severely impaired immune systems (certainly not all, but some aids and cancer patients for example) need to avoid sources of infection, and that includes unprocessed fresh produce. They have bacteria, fungi, and chemicals from the growing process that cant be washed off. Someone this sick would be on a list of precautions, but avoiding raw and smoked marijuana IS one of them. Most people dont have a clue, and go on some tangent that mj wouldnt have bacteria and fungus, that would kill everyone. Not true. Molded pot, yeah.... but everything grown has some degree of fungus on it, and yes, we eat it. So, this has NOTHING to do with mairjuana damaging the immune system, their immune system was already damaged. Rather, its about marijuana being raw unprocessed produce.

    Read as many current news reports as you can.

    I mean really, just look for information everywhere.

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    join National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana

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    there ya go. nearly 2 hours of info. very interesting doc

    well make an account on then. you can learn about growing and all that junk from people in the business

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