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Rate/fix my magic the gathering deck?

mono white

Its not legal for a type 2 deck since i have some older cards, but its just for recreational play with friends. 60 card deck

x22 plains

x2 emeria, the sky ruin

x3 honor of the pure

x1 crusade

x2 sword to plowshares

x2 celestial mantle

x1 day of judgement

x1 sunlance

x1 true conviction

x4 knight exemplar

x2 kinsbaile cavalier

x3 sigiled paladin

x1 knight of white orchid

x4 student of warfare

x1 elspeth, knight errant

x1 suntitan

x2 knight of dawn

x2 knight of holy nimbus

x2 pentarch paladin

x1 kembas skyguard

x1 skyhunter prowler

x1 admonition angel


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    Looks like a fun casual deck. It looks like the deck I had when I started playing magic again. Just a fun white weenie deck. I really would not change that much, maybe try to get play sets of your most effective cards, although replacing sunlance with swords is obvious.

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  • 4 years ago

    i think of the belief is a valid one, yet as others have mentioned, you will desire to narrow down the concentration of your deck. it particularly is fairly real relating to a number of the creatures that have not have been given flanking and don't earnings something from Cavalry grasp (which in basic terms provides flanking to creatures with flanking). on the 2nd, i'd fee your deck a pair of four or 5, out of 10, because of the fact it particularly is somewhat unfocused and needs to trim some issues. i'd particularly start up with tips from reducing the countless partitions and existence earnings expertise, and something that doesn't in the present day have flanking. in maximum circumstances, it kind of sounds such as you're centred on a creature rush recommendations-set (at the same time with White Weenie). this would desire to open up countless slots so you might play extra creatures with flanking (at the same time with Knight of the Holy Nimbus, Benalish Cavalry and Outrider en-Kor). Riftmarked Knight is yet another stable creature to apply, because of the fact it provides you a 2nd creature if suspended. Sidewinder Sliver is a stable one drop besides, that for the period of multiples can particularly be tough (as each extra Sliver provides one extra occasion of flanking). Zhalfirin Commander may be utilized to pump knights. In that appreciate, i think of a stable deck framework would want first of all: 4x Benalish Cavalry 4x Knight of the Holy Nimbus 4x Outrider en-Kor 4x Icatian Javalier (stable for tricks with flanking) 4x Sidewinder Sliver 4x Cavalry grasp 2x Pentarch Paladin (2 provides you coverage against assorted colours) 2x excellent Anthem (assorted provides you a extra advantageous bonus, and will strengthen ameliorations of drawing them) 4x Holy Day (to dodge your opponent from clobbering you) that's 32 taking part in cards first of all, and you have a lot of innovations of issues to characteristic. i'd advise Bonesplitter over Holy potential (extra aggressive, may be utilized on assorted creatures). yet, your curve is incredibly stable, and you probable in basic terms choose approximately 22 land in the deck. you apart from would have room to run extra evasive creatures (at the same time with Suntail Hawk), which whilst they don't have flanking, earnings from being annoying to dam.

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