What if two people are in sort of a "silent relationship"?

where none of the two have confessed but have a mutual understanding but the gal on maturing realizes that he is not "the one" and that the boy has gone wayward but still she can't get over him. She wants to rejuvenate him, she wants to talk to him , she wants to talk everything unsaid and wants to break the "mutual understanding" and make their relationship more verbal.she is tired of the subtlety and wants to tell him that she liked the boy he was but not the man he is growing into. but she couldn't because he doesn't seem to be cooperative and she's got the feeling that he's not the "one woman" type. What should she do?

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    1. Open up and learn how to properly communicate with each other, because you both obviously need to have a good long conversation about your relationship and what you both want out of it;


    2. Leave him. Females tend to have this unrealistic expectation that they can somehow "fix" or change their man for the better. Stop deluding yourself. Dump him and move on.

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    This girl deserves to be happy :) So if it was me, I would say something ! Don't waste any time when your feelings are involved. Be understanding if the person does not want the same things as you (which you don't know unless you ask). And remember that life has a way of working things out. I think that if the man is truly "the right one", he'll show it, and you'll know it :)

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    When you buy a new car you can never know how strong and good the car is till you use it for sometime. Then you can tell whether to keep the car or dispose it off. In the same way when we are young we either grow into good persons with good personalities or bad and irresponsible persons. You have the right now to move on and find a person of your heart, one that you will cherish and settle down with for life and person that will respect care and love you for who you are, a good person! All the best!

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    This question was confusingly written o.O But if he's not the one woman type, then he's not the one woman type. It's not something that being super sexy, ultra skinny, really funny or extra hot on the woman's part will fix. You just have to let him go and move on to find a man who wants what you do.

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    Be careful because guys will never accept these kind of things when u ask directly. They will enjoy till things are happening fine. There is nothing in talk about it to that guy but you should be able to digest if he says NO

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    Brak the silence and find out how to to proceed with

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    Dump him.

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