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Is it because she has a boyfriend? Or she just doesn't like me?

I went to my friends (Jake) place last night, with a few other guys to drink. He had his cousin there, and I really liked her. Jake wanted me and her to "get to know each other" as he put it. He said she's been with mean guys (which pisses me off) and I'd be good for her. She's 17 and I'm 19, that's not to much of an age gap? She dated a 19 year old before, so she'd be ok with it? I'm not very confident when it comes to girls because 1) I'm a virgin and she's not and 2) People think I'm gay or bisexual, which I'm not. They think it because a hang out with a group of guys who are gay/bisexual. She has a bf but Jake says he doesn't treat her good, and she needs to leave him. She sat next to me on the couch last night and she was leaning on me. That's good right? She was supposed to go to Jake's later tonight, me too, but she cancelled when Jake said I'd be there. Why? Is it because she has a boyfriend? Or she just doesn't like me? She was leaning on me, while we were on the couch watching a movie and some guy called me gay and she told him to shut up. As you can tell, I'm not good with girls.


Oh and I live in Canada and there is no statutory rape or anything. It's not illegal for us to date.

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    Seventeen and nineteen is fine. It's legal, and she's obviously comfortable with it. She's dated an older person before, so that should pay no reason to why she wouldn't want to be with you. So eliminate that from your possibilities, because it doesn't seem like that would be a reason.

    You mentioned that you were drinking, correct? Was she drinking? If she was drinking, she could have just leaned on you because she was drunk. People do change when their drunk, and an 80 year-old man could look appealing to them. So if she was drinking, than it's hard to say how she feels about you. If she wasn't drinking, than yes it was a good thing. It means she does like you and she feels comfortable around you.

    She stood up for you, which is good. But that doesn't mean she likes you. Just because she stands up for you, doesn't mean she likes you. But it could also mean she does like you. Again, it's hard to say. For this one, being drunk doesn't really affect it. She could like you, she could just be a nice person or both.

    It's possible that she cancelled because she has a boyfriend, very possible. But again, it's possible that she cancelled because she doesn't like you and doesn't want to give you the wrong impression. Again, it's hard to say.

    Just because her cousin thinks her boyfriend is bad, doesn't mean she thinks so. She's the only one that's around him all the time - I think. Unless her cousin and boyfriend are good friends, he can't really know if he's good or bad. Unless of course, her boyfriends cheating on her and bragging about it.

    Sorry, but it's hard to say. If I had to come to a conclusion, I'd say she's not interested in you. Not because you aren't good looking, because she could be attracted to you. After all, she did lean up against you to watch a movie. I think she is attracted to you, but she's not interested in dating you. If she wasn't with her boyfriend, I think she would be interested.

    And you know, don't think she wouldn't want to be with you because you're a virgin. Lots of girls would love to be with you. It's a sign that you don't use girls and that you'd treat them right. There's not a lot of guys that have the control to not have sex.

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    Sounds like she's not into you

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    She don't like you

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    can't it be both?

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