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What is the difference between Qual è il suo nome? and Come si chiama?

Would like to know, because they're both Italian and I don't know which one is right or wrong or when to use them if they're different

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  • andrew
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    "Qual è il suo nome" means "What is your name?" in a sense like "State your name for the record". This type of question would generally get a more official answer.

    "Come si chiama" (formal)/"Come ti chiami" (informal) mean "What is your name?" in the more usual sense: "what are you called"; "what name do you go by?"

    Here's a set of examples:

    Q: Qual è il suo nome?

    A: Il mio nome è Gianluca Rossi.

    Q: Come ti chiami?

    A: Mi chiamo Gianni.

    If you're learning Italian to go to Italy and talk to people, I recommend "Come ti chiami?", with "Come si chiama?" only for more formal occasions.

  • 9 years ago

    Qual e' il suo nome : Which is your name?

    Come si chiama : How do you call yourself?

    They are both used to ask someone what their name is, but 'Come si chiama?' is more common

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