What should I wear to this interview?

I am going to apply for admission into medical school and want to know how to dress for the interview. Most of the time I wear jeans and t-shirts or blouses and slacks. I own no dresses. I am nearly 40, which is old for an applicant, but I look quite young (early thirties, maybe even late twenties I am told). There's no point disguising my age because it will be written on all the forms anyway. Should I dress older and more mature to suit my age, or dress as young as I usually do?


I forgot to emphasize: I'm a WOMAN. So I think the suit and tie is out, unless dikes have better chances....

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  • 10 years ago
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    You should dress like a professional, black trousers, white shirt, black jacket, tie(blue or red).

    Black skin shoes.

    Dress like an executive. That's what I'm saying.

    Appearance do matter. So, do your best!

  • Amber
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    10 years ago

    To me, if you dress appropriately in your day-to-day life and stay fairly current, there's not a chasm in style between 30s and 40s, so dress in your style, but make sure you're dressing as if you're going to a job interview.

    The suit is not out. You just don't wear the tie. A nice button-up blouse under a jacket and a pair of closed-toe heels is pretty ageless. Don't wear stuff that you'd wear to go clubbing or looks like it came from the junior's department.

    Don't intentionally dress "old"--intentionally dress professionally.

  • Jewels
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    10 years ago

    I think a professional look would be best.As the say every girls crazy about a sharp dressed man. You may also find if you dress like a million bucks you will feel rich inside. Always looking your best for important interviews,It's essential to be taken serious. Though if your shirt is ironed nice with a tie,Along with nice pressed slacks you will do fine.Good Luck

    Source(s): Worked in a medical office,Know who got the jobs and who did not. Style of speaking and cloths make or break the man.
  • 10 years ago

    navy blue suits , white shirts, blus ties, black shoes

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  • 10 years ago

    dress as best as you can..dont try to look older and frumpy

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