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Is a 3.7 WBC something to be worried about?


My doctor is the one who did the blood tests. She doesn't seem very worried about it but I need to go back in a month to see if it has gone up (this will be the 3rd blood test). I have never had unprotected sex with anyone except for my boyfriend of 4 years, and we are the only ones each of us have been with.

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    3.7 is nothing to be concerned about your doctor is just trying to be thorough. Don't stress out about this because stress will weaken your immune system which can cause your counts to be low.

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    normal reference range is as follows

    White Blood Cell Count (WBC)


    3.7 is not that far out of normal and the lab u used may even list 3.7 as normal. without other symptoms or a senario i think you are fine.

    Source(s): RN in emergency room
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    Yes! it can be a sign of HIV. YOU NEED TO TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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