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too much kryptonite in the smallville series?

Have you guys ever notice that in every new smallville episode there is always kryptonite probably because clark is so powerfull(compared to humans) but i dont think there is a nead to make him weeker than this, for instance the last episode ,come on he is defeated by some ninja assasin girls and a granny come on ,who the hell is smellting swords with cryptonite and the episode when he was defeated by the amish was laughable come cryptonite in the earth..... it seams that every were he goes the area is filled with cryptonite

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    Yes, you're probably right. However, it is because kryptonite is alien and came down in meteor showers that there's so much of it. Obviously, lots of people went to Smallville and stocked up on kryptonite.

    Otherwise, Lex managed to bargain off a lot of kryptonite to a lot of people. I'm sure Clark wouldn't have the problem if he moved to another country, but that's not going to happen.

    Also, to counter the green-K he has blue-K which takes away his immortality, as well as his kryptonite weakness. Maybe he should carry some of that around in a handkerchief for emergencies, or something.

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    For an explanation we must first go back to the beginning.

    Jor-el and Lara launch the craft carrying Kal-el into space, as it leaves Krypton the planet explodes sending radioactive chunks of the planet into the same subspace portal the ship uses to reach Earth. The pieces rain down as the first meteor shower but if you remember there was another when BrainIAC's ship came to Earth, or was it jeez it's been so long I can't remember.

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