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How can I three barrel curl my hair like tihs?

I have a Bed Head three barrel curling iron. I'll attach the link below.

I was wondering how I could make "deeper" waves with it? I don't want to have to put lots of hair spray in my hair for this. Can you give me some tips please & thanks? :)


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    this is wat i do

    i curl my hair but hold it for 15 seconds or longer

    dont use products such as hair stuff it tends to kill your hair

    wrap your hair around the curling thing here is a good web


  • drude
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    i used warmth curlers and a curling iron and my hair wouldnt paintings with the two one. I tryed the you curl by way of conair and it works with my hair. additionally use sponge curlers collectively as your hair is moist and sleep on it and enable them to out indoors the morning and scrunch with moose that works for virtually any hair.

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