I have tendinitis in my right wrist. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make it feel better?

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    Massage therapy

    Massage therapy is becoming a very popular way to ease the pain of tendonits and aid the tendons in recovery. If possible, choose a masseuse that has qualifications or experience with tendonitis. Be sure to inform the masseuse of your condition before commencing your massage.

    Ultrasound treatment

    Ultrasound is used by doctors and physicians to break down scar tissue around the tendon. Ultrasound uses sound waves that vibrate at a very high level to increase circulation and soften the affected area. Ultrasound can also be used as phonophoresis to help topical pain and nutrient solutions reach further down into the tissues.

    Tendonitis surgery

    In extreme cases where tendonitis cannot be treated using any other method surgery is required. Surgery is only every used as a last resort to treat tendonitis.

    •Stop the activity that caused the pain

    The first step to proper tendonitis treatment is to stop all activities associated with the affected area.

    •Rest the affected area for at least 3 weeks

    Rest is the most important part of tendonitis treatment. In most cases the tendon will be able to completely heal itself with enough rest.

    •If possible, brace the area

    If possible we recommend you brace the affected area. This could mean a wrist brace (wrist), arm sling (shoulder), knee brace (knee), etc. Bracing the area protects it against further inflammation and strain.

    •Apply anti-inflammatory medication to the area

    Anti-inflammatory medication can help to relieve tendonitis pain and dilate the blood vessels. This allows for relief of the pain, without causing any stiffening of the tissue.

    •After 3 weeks, re-evaluate the situation

    How is the pain feeling after 3 weeks? If the pain has not subsided, rest for another 3 weeks. If the area is feeling better you can begin further rehabilitation.

    •Apply light resistance, movement and stretching

    Apply slow and controlled movement to the affected area. If no pain is felt, you may use very light weights. After movement some gentle stretching can be applied. Repeat these light movement exercises for a minimum of 3 weeks.

    •Start light exercise

    By now your tendon should be ready for some light exercises. You can find some exercises for various body parts on this page.

    •Ease back into activity

    Your tendon should now be ready to start regular activity again. Make sure your properly warm up and stretch your tendon before you begin exercising.

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    surgery nor ultrasound is effective for tendinitis;; you really need to get set up with a therapist, cuz this is not a 'one only' type treatment;; you need to learn how to use that forearm & hand of yours to reduce whatever tension your normal functional ability is causing to upset this guy;; stretching, & strengthening are incorporated into your plan of care (to actually GET those muscles working properly), as is massage, but the massage is VERY specific to the tendon involved;; icing is also very effective, but again, the people who KNOW how to treat this in all respects is a PT..ask your doc for a referral, then remember that you need to 'play that part' @ home too..good luck!! btw, tendinitis is usually caused by too much demand for what your muscles can do cuz they are weak, or too much tension on the muscles, again higher demand; when muscles are weak, the only resolve for their weakness is for the tendons to work even harder..the tendons are less elastic than muscles, that's why they don't take 'strain' very well;; another reason for this is just too much guard, or tension to the joint itself..again, high demand...gotta fix that part even if you are getting treatment for it..or it comes back, cuz simply, ya just keep doing the same thing;; get the muscles to work the way they are suppose to work, by effective stretching & strengthening..problem solved..but right now, they are inflamed..so, they need more than one type of treatment before ya get this squared up..good luck!!

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