Space help ( creative ) !?

Hi, I have been chosen to do an extra credit project on space... I will need some help on 5 creative subtopics you can shout out from the tip of your tongue and you can also list some creative ways to decorate or to organize my 2 pieces of yellow bristal board! Thanks for the help =)

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    well, first of all, let me say congratulations on being selected. yuke yuke. Sound more like the teacher volunteered you.

    the first thing to do is, assume that the teacher has faith in you as a good student, if you are not a good student, then here is your chance to improve yourself.

    What-ever 5 topics you chose, make sure the topics are easy to understand and the words you use are easy to spell

    It is not to important if the topics you chose are realistic or not, just that there is theory that is easy to understand that your topic exists.

    finally try to pick topics that might interest your fellow students.

    you would think that topics that would make your fellow students life easier either now or later in life would be an interesting topic. you have to remember, even thought there might be a major break through in space, it may not be of great interest to your fellow students.


    1- what existed before the universe

    2- how the universe grows

    3- how planets like earth become livable

    4- where our planet is travelling to

    5- we as people exploring the universe

    I assume you are in public school, so, you probably would be surprised that there are lots of people out there who are frighten when talking about the universe cause they can not understand how the items that exist got there before they existed.

    Since no-one knows that, we figure that it is not important how those items got there, but, we find it very important to understand how the different items that exist react to each other when we add different elements together.

    We also make an assumption that is called "the big bang theory" this theory is just the name given to an event that may or may not have occurred, but regardless, it gives us a starting point in history.

    AS far as your bristol board goes, you might cut slits into them to make them round, and one be the sun, and one be the earth, like a globe. You could attach them with a long clear plastic tube so you cold hold them up to the class, and even rotate the the plastic tube and or, you cut your bristol board into smaller pieces representing the other 7 planets besides earth in the our solar system and connect all of them with a clear plastic tube with the sun. Remember, pluto was declassified from the status of a planet to some onther name.

    You could also make a 6th topic, which could be, "our universe and god"

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    What about blackholes, event horizon.. Time dilation at the event horizon.. If the sun was replaced by a blackhole of the same mass.

    I don't exactly know what you mean by creative. Is it more like imaginary ideas or just complicated scientific facts.

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    you could do a project on advanced space propulsion (ion engines, plasma propulsion, lightsail, M2P2, space elevator, gravitational catapult, EM field propulsion)

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