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Why is Russia so big?

More specifically, how does such a massive country sustain itself? Also have there been many changes there since the fall of communism? Is there a large difference between Siberia and Western Russia?

Sorry I just dont really know anything about the country at all

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    The Russia goes back centuries. It was in war with Europe and Asia, everybody wanted a piece of it. There is no other country strategically located as this one. Having 2 oceans, 13 seas, thousands of rivers, all natural resources in periodic table. The territory had been annexed and won back. Nothing and nobody will change it no matter what. They tried, they failed. The country has 11 time zones-that along should say something. Now technologically it is behind most of Western countries and USA, oh they have all the hi techs money could buy, but none are made there. And, for most of people it is impossible unreachable Appliance. There are still places without electricity, lavatories in the house, Average Length of life is so short some of African countries are better. Yes Russia is high in weapon making and selling, the space navigating. But their ordinary people are in bad condition economically, struggling with corruption, banditism. Though everyone or most are very patriotically have been, and won't sold out. Moscow is a picture perfect place, S. Peterbugh probably too, but off center's what one could see how communism collapse affected its people.

    Source(s): Russian born American visiting off center Russia as a tourist
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    To keep territory, you have to be able to defend territory and a lot of Russia is 1) territory that Russians thrive in better than anyone else and 2) territory nobody else either wants or can live in.

    They pride themselves on stamina and strength and it's not an idle thing. They're some seriously hardy people.

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    Why Russia is so big? Don't know. But i have to say that the population of Russia is concentrated in West Russia http://www.google.ru/imglanding?q=russia+populatio...

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    A majority of Russia is areas filled with snow in which no one inhabits. That portion of Russia sustains itself through the natural processes of the planet.

    As for your other questions I don't have the answers either, though I'd love to learn about them.

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