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Anyone knows where to get sword fighting lessons?

Hi. For your information, i am a 13 year old girl - almost turning 14. And i really have a strange excitement for sword fighting, i especially want to learn it. So does anyone know where i can get these lessons (I tried AEMMA already- it's for only 16 year old and up)


p.s. i live in Toronto

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    Kendo, Kenjutsu, Iado, Iajutsu are all Japanese. Unfortunately good schools in these arts are really hard to come by. A lot of Karate teachers teach it to their black belts as part of the curriculum but really have little knowledge of the rich culture that involves the sword. Just because they know how to slice up a tatami 8 different ways does not make them swordsmen.

    Finding someone who teaches any Chinese sword (not the wushu stuff) is even harder.

    As you already found out you are too young for Japanese sword. You could take Aikijuitsu which has the same moves as Kenjutsu without the sword. Aikijutsu was practiced by the samurai as well as a form of self defense when they did not have their sword. The basics are the same. Then when you are old enough you could switch to Kenjutsu. It would be easier for you to learn if you already have some of the basics.

    You could go into Kung Fu and learn Chinese sword. Make sure that you will join a school where they will teach you Chinese sword. You will probably have to learn some Kung Fu basics first too. The drawback is while you will learn swordplay in Kung Fu more than likely you will not learn sword fighting.

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    I don't know what you're talking about (nor do you, for that matter). Kendo has tons of sparring and it gets VERY intense. Bamboo is a type of wood, and they use that for sparring. Kenjutsu is the old-school martial art of Japanese swordsmanship. It is Kendo's predecessor. The practice lingers mostly on kata, but ought to have some sparring as well. Anyways, you can't ask for Japanese sword fighting and refuse both Kendo and Kenjutsu. That's like asking for a sport that involves striking only with your fists -- but not boxing! Kendo and Kenjutsu is pretty much all you have for Japanese sword arts. If you're interested in something less realistic but very intense and high-action, with weapons that are light enough to allow you to mimic your favorite anime moves, you could check out Chambara. It's pretty much freestyle swordfighting with a Kendo-based scoring system (except they allow leg-strikes) using foam swords. EDIT: oh! How the heck did I forget Iaido?!?!?! Good catch k_snake! However, there's no sparring in Iaido. I've practiced all of the above briefly, and I found Kendo to be most intense, followed by Chanbara, followed by Kenjutsu, followed by Iaido -- based on how much sparring and live drilling there was.

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    Depending on your region, Kendo may be what you're looking for (Japaneese swordfighting). You won't be doing much direct fighting, but you'll be building the muscles and skills for when you can do actual fighting. There is also Naginata, which is typically practiced by women and is spear fighting which leverages your flexibility and agility over strength.

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    If you made the decision in learning to communicate Chinese then you need to now that the very best alternative is a Course for Mandarin.

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    U have to learn a MA before u learn its weapon forms.

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    i do kendo (sword fighting) at my tae kwan do. not all do it, so youll have to look around.

    Source(s): 7 yrs of tkd
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