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what does dj blend use?

ok so im going to start making techno and dubstep music. Dj blend is one ofmy favorite dj's so im wondering what his gear is. Can you break everything down to the software and equipment

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    No idea, but don't get stuck on what other people use. Try to find what works for you, there are so many programs and equipment you could use to make similar music (audio software, virtual instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, mixing panels, etc.)

    You could start out with a software program, all current version DAWs (digital audio workstation) will allow you to make good techno and dubstep music.

    My favorites are FL Studio (Producer Edition) and Ableton Live.

    I currently mostly use FL Studio Producer Edition for my electronic music. You can use it with (free) VST instruments and effects to get any sound you like, including wobbly basses, breaks, and whatever else you need for your tunes.

    In case you end up getting FL Studio, you can get 10% discount on your first order from image-line with this promo link for new customers:

    Other things to consider investing in (perhaps later):

    - MIDI keyboard controller

    - High quality audio interface

    - Good monitor speaker and/or headphones

    - Outboard gear like synthesizers, effect units (although these days you can do pretty everything in the box (computer) with great results

    Good luck!

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    You can get Virtual DJ Home for free here

    It's a good free solution

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    you should attempt listening to dj chuckie, tiesto, or above and previous. Theres also dj meg, afrojack swedish domicile mafia yet dj mix does make solid mixes, yet he heavily needs to make his own music already. His music is hearth besides the indisputable fact that lol. solid for clubbing :) @charlie it takes plenty for my area to be a dj and hes lengthy gone enormously a approaches the position he's now, and on precise of that hes of route shown some thing to golf equipment because ive heard his mixes distinct time in golf equipment. @justine yeah their surprising my own favorites are above and previous and chuckie, their surprising, yet there are this way of large number of solid djs i will sit right here all day naming them and what i quite love about techno, trance, dirty dutch, and domicile, there's a huge determination of judgements that u can elect between the position like hip hop and rap its in uncomplicated terms in keeping with whats puffed up like lil wayne,drake (which i like), mac miller now and its this way of small determination of music in which all sounds a similar and prefer like I suggested charlie, look at dj chuckie, hes hearth! i'm basically giving dj mix some credit lol, hes solid he basically needs to make his own music

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