is it ok to use castrol dexron 3 mercon ATF in my kx250?


why not use what the manufactures recommends? beacase motor oil is for MOTORS not for gearbox / wet clutches

Update 2:

its a 2 stroke dummy so how can it lubricate the engine? . the premix lubes the engine , you know the crank, piston cylinder walls and so on

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    1 decade ago
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    If you decide to go looking for Anything SUPERIOR to ATF for use in the app you are interested in...

    My best suggestion is,,,Bring Your Lunch.

    You will be looking for quite a while.

    Coincidentally,,,it was Kawasaki who was the First *** Mfgr to recco ATF use in their bikes gearboxes.

    It's all a Very Long story about History of Bikes,,and even The World.

    Even if I had time,,,Places like this are innapropriate to recount all that.

    Bike folks tend to prefer to cling to what they think they know,,,Facts are Bothersome and offensive.

    Nobody likes to be awoken from a comfortable dream.

    Keep in mind that even though ATF is NOT the Same thing it was in the 60~70's,,,it's STILL ATF.

    Modern Petrochem tech and chemistry has managed to develop replacements which carried forward the most critical properties of ATF

    NOT the same near-magical stuff it was Back-in-the-day,,

    but still FAR beyond anything else.

    Try it,,,see for yourself.

    Its made for gearboxes with Clutches & gear Clusters and Plain Bushings,,,practically all comparable in size & capacity of your KX's parts

    But for APPS with Twice++ the Operating Temp

    10times ++ the Torque

    Equal or Higher Inputshaft RPM

    20 to 30 times ++ the Load

    Reco'd Change intervals that exceed most Bikes LIFETIME TOTAL Mileage

    ATF in your bike ain't Overkill,,,it's Exponential Overkill

    Nothing about a motorcycle can even begin to Tax the Properties of ATF.

    While Engine Oil in a gearbox/wet clutch,,,starts it Degradation cycle as soon as the First Kickstart.

    ATF is PURPOSE BUILT for such apps.

    Gears,Clutches are all an AFTERTHOUGHT to Engine Oil --Added-On to make it Live until the Recco'd 3,000 mi Change Interval.

    More people drive their Automatic Trans Cars,,,OVER 100,000 mi never change the ATF,,and have No Probs,,,,More People Do That than there are Motorcyles in the world

    There's No valid comparrison to using specifically designed lubes vs whatever happens to be handy.

    Try it,,you'll realize the difference in 5 minutes of riding.

    And it'll dawn on you that for probly for the 1st time in your bike's life,,,,all t of the entire clutch/gearbox's lubrication needs are being met.

    If you have any reservations about using ATF,,,

    AT Least go to actual Gear Oil like Belray Gearsaver,,or any other Gearbox Specific product.

    ANYTHING to get away from blindly pouring the Wrong Stuff into the Wrong hole.

    Engines are Engines,,,Not Gearboxes,,nor Clutches.

    If you ever find Rod Bearings,Rockerarms,or Valve Guides in your Gearbox or Clutch,,,,then you got Other Probs

    Untill then,,seems wise to me to use a lube in a place it was designed to be used,,,

    rather than anything that happens to work in a "One size Fits All" manner

  • Tomcat
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    1 decade ago

    Whoever told you,that it was ok to use atf is highly mistaken.If you put that in your bike--because there is no seperate transmission sump-you Will be lubricating the motor with atf---not good.Atf is a detergent oil which means that it cleans and lubes at the same time,something you do not want or need in a motorcycle.And yes motor oil is designed for wet clutches.Don't be a hard learner,all the guys on here will not steer you wrong.

    Source(s): 700,000 miles DoinitatahundredCBR929
  • 1 decade ago

    Are you asking is it ok to mix it with the gas? Or are you asking can you use it in the transmission? I know a few people who use ATF in the transmission on there bikes. Automotive automatic transmissions have clutches similar to the clutches on a bike and they have gears like a bike, so ATF is fully capable of lubricating everything fine. But why not use what the manufacturer recommends?

  • 4 years ago

    Castrol Dexron Iii

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your additional details show just how much of an *** you are. The manufacture out to know what kind of oil to use in it's transmission. A teenage kid don't even know how to wipe his box let alone what kind of oil will use. Yes, tranny fluid will work fine. But what the manufacturer says to use is what works best. Motor oil is not just for engines. Many hydraulic systems require it instead of hydraulic oil. Many 4X4 transfer cases use it. And most motorcycle transmissions require it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ATF--Automatic Transmission Fluid--is for automatic transmissions! Why the h*ll would you put that in your motorcycle?!?

    Edit: ATF is for AUTOMATIC transmissions. Yours is MANUAL, hence does not use ATF.

  • Bob A
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    1 decade ago

    No it's not compatible with your clutch and may cause the friction material to separate.

    Source(s): 35yrs lic mech 40+ yrs riding
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