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Since Cons claim that the Nazis were "Socialist", do they believe North Korea is a Republican Democracy?

Any college will teach you that the Nazis were socially & ideologically a far-right ultra-conservative party.

The Nazis were fascists, not socialists. The term "Socialist" in "National Socialist Party" was created to appeal to the people.

Since Cons claim that the Nazis were Liberals just because the word "Socialist" exists in their title, does that mean Cons also agree that because North Korea is officially called the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", that North Korea is a Democratic Republic by, of, and for the People?

It's in their title! So it must be true.


Thomas D: You also forgot that Kim Jung-Il wins 100% of the vote every election. He's also "appointing" his son as his successor.

Real Democratic there.

Update 2:

Free To Be Free: Fair answer. At least you aren't one of these Con loons that claims Hitler was some kind of Liberal anti-war San Francisco Hippie.

Update 3:

virgod: Did you completely miss the point of the question? Why yes, yes you did. You just proved my point, genius. If you believe they're "Socialist" because it's in their title, then do you believe North Korea is a Democratic Republic since they claim to be? You are not bright. At all.

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    Actually, I wouldn't consider them to be Socialist. But saying that they're far right along with the libertarians is just as ridiculous as saying that they're a form of liberals.

    That's why we should go by the Nolan Chart. They were statists, just like Kim Jung il and Joseph Stalin.

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    The only reason Europeans tolerated Hitler during the 1930s was because he purged German society of leftists and communists. They tolerated German rearmament only because they thought Germany would be a firewall against the Soviet Union and Comintern (which it was, but they didn't foresee the other things that came with it). As ideologies, fascism and socialism come from completely different philosophical backgrounds. Fascism is grounded on Hegelianism whereas socialism is grounded on Marxism. Hegel and Marx are easy enough to research, but the major differences boil down to racial theory vs. (economic) class theory, and statism vs. collectivism. So yes, the Nazis were in no sense "socialists" by modern parlance. Nor is North Korea democratic by any means. I just wanted to give a quick historical/philosophical lecture for anyone who still doesn't believe it.

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    1. No, I do not believe that North Korea is a Democracy.

    2. The terms "far right" and "ultraconservative" do not necessarily imply non-socialist. My belief that the Nazis were socialist is based on the policies they instituted, not on what the full name of the party was in German.

    3. Fascism is a form of socialism.

    4. I never claimed that the Nazis were liberals, and such a statement is beyond ridiculous.

    I hope this helps.

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    Nazis are "far right" in a political scale that while in very common usage in schools/colleges, really doesn't make sense. They're ranked as far-left on the political spectrum when viewed with Statism on the left and Anarchy on the right, rather than the college version of Socialism/Communism on the left and National Socialism on the right. Fascism and Socialism are both forms of Statism, where Government power is most heavily centralized and where individual liberty is practically non-existent.

    By that standard, then the DPRK's Juche regime is still far-left. Their "Democratic" structure has nothing to do with that, as even if it were a true democracy where the position of "Dear Leader" were up for a vote as opposed to the lower-level positions, it still doesn't eliminate statism.

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    Any college that teaches that is ideologically biased, as the far right structure of government is anarchy. You see the right means smaller gov. less controlling. The left means more gov. with more control.

    No the NAZI party was a socialist party. The Gov. wanted control of everything and everyone. The NAZI party was fervently socialist with strange similarities to the Democrats of today; no smoking, worries about childhood obesity, gun-control.

    North Korea, while it does put the title of republic in it's name does not follow the practices of a republic. In a republic the private citizen is protected from the gov. and votes by the rule of law. In North Korea the Gov. does as it feels.

    Did you know we don't live in a democracy? Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution guarantees a Republican form of government. The Constitution does not mention the word democracy even once. Nothing in our nation supports the idea of democracy. We have the electoral college, it takes all members of a jury to convict.

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    National Socialism IS socialist. Socialized medicine, Public works programs, nationalizing important industry, anti-internationalism etc. Sure, Hitler didn't go far enough with the socialist component, as Strasserism would argue, but it was a form of Hitlerist Socialism. They were not 'ultra-conservative', Hitler despised the old-line conservative parties secretly, but used their support to propel themselves into power and was forced to purge the left element (strasser, rohm etc) or lose any chance at power to Hindenburg.

    North Korea is a pseudo-communist, pseudo-nationalist, jingoist, state capitalist country.

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    9 years ago

    A college for the retarded might teach you this. Educated people, however, realize that nazis believed in private ownership but under strict government control. Kind of like what the Obama regime has implemented. Your question is nonsensical and tries to relate two unrelated concepts. It's like saying the sky is blue so why does everyone think you're an imbecile.

  • 9 years ago

    You have to judge governments by what they do, not by their title. But then you must have learned that in college. Soviet Socialism was just as horrible as Nazi Socialismm/Fascism. Go back and read the history of both countries. Get a clue as to what socialism is all about. Calling Nazi Germany conservative is the biggest joke I have heard all day. Hitler had many of the traits of modern liberals. Go back and read what he advocated.

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    9 years ago

    Yup, just like China is a republic, Iran is a true democracy, and the United Kingdom is a Monarchy.

  • 9 years ago

    Fascism as an economic philosophy believes in central planning. As advocates of central planning they are more similar to socialists (who also advocate central planning) than capitalists (who do not).

    However, these are economic prescriptions. The term fascism has become tightly coupled to the TOTALITARIAN policies of the Nazis, but it need not be so. Many of the New Deal policies of FDR and Herbert Hoover before him were copied from Moussilini's brand of fascism. Fascism is NOT the same as totalitarianism, but people use the terms interchangeably because people only think of the totalitarian nazi regime when thinking of fascism.

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