The Battle of the AFC East and maybe first seed title.?

The Battle of the AFC will be the 9-2 Jets at the 9-2 Patriots. The Jets won the first game against the Patriots and now both team have evolved throughout the season. The jets got Homes back and the Patriot added some weapon to their offense.

There will be new things in this game such as players and plays.


The jets are coming off a 26-10 win over the bengals, after Brad Smith ran for a kickoff return for a touchdown without his left shoe.

The Patriot are coming off a 45-24 win over the lions, after the lions started to self destruct and lose their chance to lead in the early second half.


The Jets got Revis ready to go against Wes Welker and Cromartie to Cover Branch.

They also go Pace back on the line after missing the first four games with a foot injury.

The Patriots got rid of the superstar: Randy moss

But they got Woodson and Branch to help them.


The bad thing is that the patriots have the 31th ranked defense in the NFL

The jets have issues with the receivers dropping passes that sanchez throw them to.



Jets 9-2

Patriots 9-2

Dolphins 5-5

Bills 2-8


There isn't any near this two team. The Closest on would be the Steelers and the Raven.'

So if the jets win this one they will get possible first seed and the patriots will get the fifth seed, if thepatritos win this one its the other way around.

So My question is who you think is going to win? Don't say that Tom Brady is on the Patriots and he'll throw bombs. He was on them when the jets beat them in week 2, 28-14. So who will win this one, provide me stats, or you won't get best answer is you are just being bias.


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  • 9 years ago
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    The jets have played a weaker schedule so far and even though the patriots defense is bad I don't think sanchez is good enough to exploit it and as crazy as it sounds there offense seems better without moss being at home the patriots should win 28 21

  • 9 years ago

    The Pats will win.

    Home field advantage

    "Revenge" game (I know it only makes a small difference, but sometimes that's all it takes).

    The Pats D was new and inexperienced the 1st time they met. Now they've gotten better all season and are fairly good with their run stop. Limiting what LT can do it extremely helpful. Like you pointed out, the Jets Receivers aren't grabbing every ball they should, and with the Pats back field starting to improve, a few mistakes will be costly.

    Last time they met, the Pats really only had a couple of targets (Welker and Moss), this allowed the Jets to cover them (or in the case of Revis-Moss, trail behind and allow for one of the greatest catches of the season). The Pats dumped Moss and now have a myriad of receivers to choose from (Hernandez, Tate, Welker, Woodhead, Grontowski, Branch). If they Jets sacrifice Cromartie and Revis to cover the 1 and 2, they still have other threats to worry about.

    Lawfirm has stepped up bigtime and is a powerhouse back that the Jets now have to worry about. Add a few quick runs by slick Woodhead and they might just add the yards needed for those crucial 1st downs.

    The biggest loss to the Pats has been Gostowski. He was a more than capable kicker, putting the ball into the endzone or beyond most plays. Now they're allowing their opponents to start the ball on the 30 (or beyond) on average because they aren't kicking nearly as far. Mezko is hit or miss with his punts. He's had some amazing distance at times, but he's also had a few with limited height or distance.

  • sesser
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    3 years ago

    By the time Parcells has any have an effect on, the Patriots might be at the wain. You're watching at three-five years. I've been pronouncing all alongside that once the guns Brady picked up within the off season, in the event that they had been ready to play at this degree for a million-two years tops. I suspect that the Dolphins, might be approximately .500 subsequent yr, and feasible wild card after that. With an making improvements to Buffalo workforce, matters might be night out. The unknown is while Belichick comes to a decision to transport on.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Patriots are going to beat down on the Jets.

    Jets lost to the Ravens, Patriots beat the Ravens, and Jets were shut out by the Packers. The Patriots have been demolishing top flight competition while the Jets have been barely getting by against bottom line competition. Pats will win.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Unfortunately I see New England winning because they never lose at home and Belichick will have them prepared. But I'm not sure why we keep hearing about their 24-game REGULAR SEASON win streak. Did Baltimore not wipe the floor with the Patriots last year at Gillete? It wouldn't be the end of the world if New England did get home field advantage in the AFC.

  • 9 years ago

    The patriots are insane in the membrane and dont know what to do.

    Source(s): I always gotta be bias. I dont know anything else homie!
  • ?
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    9 years ago

    its Woodhead, not Woodson.

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