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Why would people be interested in the study of outer space?

and space exploration?

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    There are many reasons...some practical, some emotional.

    Studying outer space targets some of the most fundamental questions people have asked themselves since antiquity.

    (1) where did we come from?

    (2) how were we created?

    (3) are we alone?

    (4) is there "meaning" to life and the universe

    Mostly, it's about human beings natural quest for new knowledge and their strong desire to solve great mysteries! In a word, we explore the universe for the same reason someone climbs a tall mountain... "because it is there!"

    PRACTICAL reasons for exploration include

    (1) Development of new technology that benefits humans on earth - Velcro, computers, lighter thermal clothing, better safer flying airplanes, better navigation, new materials, newly discovered resources are just the tip of the iceberg to the benefits!

    (2) SAVING our planet! The earth is has "fixed" amounts of resources with GROWING population...exploration of space will lead to colonization of space (just as early exploration of the oceans led to colonization of the new world). Space has infinite resources that humanity will eventually need to harness if we are to survive and continue to progress.

    (3) Avoiding the fate of the dinosaurs! The dinosaurs were made extinct by a giant asteroid impact...such impacts come every some millions of years bur smaller impacts though they may not wipe us out, could end society as we know it! Such an impact is most certainly 100's to tens of thousands of years away...but a society destroying impact WILL happen at some point! - exploration of space lets us discover earth orbit crossing objects and track them and also study their precise make up. Continuing our space exploration makes it very likely that when we face the next 'collision' we will be able to detect the object years in advance, and launch a space mission to deflect the object's orbit and UNLIKE the dinosaurs, save ourselves!

    That said, the most valuable reason for exploring space could very well be the most intangible reason...inspiration! When we live in a world torn apart by wars, poverty, racial prejudice, crime, environmental uncertainty, economic hardships, it's nice to look to the wonders of the universe to remind ourselves that there IS something beautiful and very much larger than ourselves and thus that we should never stop striving to better our lives and our world!

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    If you were to actually put an effort into learning about science, and getting a job with the government, you would likely be severely disappointed when you find out that the government isn't keeping ufos, aliens, secret power-technology of the Egyptians or carburetors that give 200 mpg mileage secret. They don't have any of them. Instead, you might prefer to *avoid* studying any actual science, and to stick with oogie-boogie websites run by people that can make up whatever they want to, at any time, for any reason (or no reason at all!!) - - unlike those dumb ol' scientists that have to have dumb ol' things like ''proof'' or ''evidence'' or talk about ''Occams Razor'' and ''simplest answers'' and all that boring stuff. That way, you get all the excitement, none of the work, and you'll have *lots* of people that have already joined you in the ranks of the scientifically illiterate! Hurrah!!

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    Because they have minds that are bored with "Dancing with the Stars" and Lindsay Lohan stories.

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    Because humans are curious.

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    99.99...9999% of everything there is in this universe is out there.

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    Um, why not?

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