What CHRISTIAN denominations are against MESSIANIC JUDAISM?

To my knowledge, all branchs of Christianity have outreachs to the Jews (missionaries if you will).

Yet I see Jews here say Christians are against Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus.

Exactly what denominations oppose these fine Jews who have found new life in Christ?

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  • 10 years ago
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    There a misunderstanding here about Jews who have found a new life in Christ and Messianic Judaism. It's an easy mistake to make but I think what you are looking for and support for Messianic Jews is probably two different things. As of the other answerers lists, there are a great many Christian denomination's which are not only open to inviting Jews to Christ but have whole missions and missionary endeavours for just that. Jews for Jesus is exactly such a ministry being totally focused on Evangelizing Jews. Not that they totally ignore giving the gospel to a non-Jew but that's not their focus. However, Jews for Jesus is NOT Messianic. That's where the error is. You can ask them yourself. They deny it all the time. What they do have is lots of Messianics who support their work, are members (as are lots of Christians.)

    A Messianic Jew is not just a Jewish Christian. If that were true, what you say, that lots of Christian denominations support them, would be true. It's not. Some do. Sure. But even Friends of Israel does not like Messianic Judaism. What it wants instead is for lots of Jews to become Christians. The crux of the issue is the Law of Moses. Almost all across the board, Christian denominations all teach (except for Catholic who have replaced the Mosaic Law with Catholic laws) "freedom from the law." Messianic Jews, though they differ on what constitutes "the law" to be obeyed still, welcome Jesus (Yeshua) and want to walk more perfectly in God's (whole) Word, written and His will for them. Protestant's do not support that. It goes against their idea that "the Word" died on that cross.

    Examples of some who condemn Messianic Judaism and why they do;


    Most Christians (denominations and individual churches) wish to harvest in Jews to Christ. Not a bad thought until you look at the fact that it is and has been the non-Jewish peoples who have been being grafted into Israel this whole time! Not the other way around. This is a hard thing to explain unless you suddenly turn from a black person into a while one or the other way around in the middle of your life. That is what it is like. If you, who attend Christian churches were to suddenly become Jewish but still committed to Jesus you would see what we mean. The two things together are not wanted because if you suddenly realized your Mom was really Jewish all those years it would change your personal idenity and you would start paying attention, wanting to look at the festivals, paying attention to what day God said the Sabbath is, stuff like that. Most Jews know at least some basic Hebrew. That means they know the Sabbath never was changed to Sunday and will want to remain honouring the original Sabbath. And the Sabbath Day Adventists are not interested in having more than just that one aspect of Mosaic Law. There is no good reason for Jews to repent of being Jewish when they come to Messiah (Christ) and yet, that is exactly what all those denominations (except for a very few in a very few denominations) will let them do. No other ethnic group is so treated interdenominationally. There are Korean Baptists, and Samoan Pentecostals, There are Japanese Presbyterians and Native Alaskan Methodists. In every case they do their services in the language of their ancestors while worshipping the God and Father if Jesus. This is NOT welcome in Christianity when it comes to Jews.

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  • 4 years ago

    Judaism is beautiful , I am a Christian but have a deep love for Judaism . Let me be truthful with you , Mormonism , Jehovah Witnesses , Seventh day Adventists are all break away sects / Cults from Orthodox Christianity ALL 3 claim to be the TRUTH ' however they are all far away from 1st century Christianity . The Catholic church is close and worship on the Saturday and Sunday Sabbath . The Worldwide church of God that Herbert W Armstrong created tried hard to re-create Judaism , but once Armstrong died his Cult fell to bits and 4 main break away's became The Church of God . The Book of Galatians that Paul to Galatians slaps down Armstrong and the Seventh Day Adventists by telling them that they have Judaizers in the Church , those people were Jews who was trying to bring many Old Testament Laws back into Christianity when the Plain Truth is Jesus Christ is the finishing Work . It is Finished ! Jesus did it all by the Grace of God I am Saved not by keeping Laws or abstaining from Meats and Tithing twice a month and worshiping on Saturdays . Jesus is Lord and NO Church will save a soul but rather He who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saves Acts 16:30,31 I wish you well in your search but please do not get taken in by all those Cults .

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  • 10 years ago

    Only a few here in Yahoo. Most Christians AND Jews in local communities, accept Messianic believers and Messianic Jews. Those who reject us here in Yahoo are simply not equipped with Biblical knowledge.

    Thanks for asking!


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    10 years ago

    All of the following are documented to have out-reachs to Jews:











    LDS (Mormon)

    Church of Christ

    Church of God


    Assemblies of God

    Church of the Nazarene


    Mennonite and All branchs of the Orthodox Catholic Church

    I doubt there is one Protestant denomination who has taken a formal stand against Messianics. If someone can show me in writing where an entire denomination is against Missions to Jews I'll confess I'm wrong, (but I'm not).

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Messianic Judaism is a form of Zionism so it's basically the same as Roman Catholicism: Luciferianism mixed with Christianity. I guess the only ones who know this are evangelical fundamentalists who stick to only doctrine. No denomination in particular.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    All of them, even the fake cult, "Jews for Jesus", which is just Christians pretending to be Jews in love with a demon.

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