What do you think of these sibling sets?

I'm not having kids, I just think these names sound good together.

1: Tess (Theresa) and Charlie (Charles)

2: Kate (Katharine) and Scott

3: Julianna and Carson

4: Kristen and Alan

5: Grace and Virgil

6: John and Emily

7: Julian, Lucas and Valentina

8: Summer and Owen

9: Milo, Theo and Helen

10: Thomas and Annabelle

11: Jamie (m) and Talia

you don't have to choose the one you like best, I just want to know if you think they sound good together or not, and your opinions of them.


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  • iCarly
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    1 decade ago
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    1; I think Tess & Charlie/ Theresa & Charles sound great together! Both are really traditional/classic type of names. They both sound sophisticated! I like them together :)

    2; Kate/Katherine & Scott sound pretty good together as well! I prefer Kate & Scott to Katherine & Scott :) I like how similar they sound, yet how different they are! They compliment each other very nicely

    3; Julianna & Carson are ohkay together! They're both names I love and neither are trendy, so that makes them sound good. They're both in the relatively same type of names!

    4; Kristen & Alan sound nice! Both are old fashioned types that came back for a while :)

    5; Grace & Virgil I don't particularly like together. I don't think they sound good together. Grace is much too elegant sounding and Virgil is not.

    6; John & Emily definitely sound great together. They're the exact same style of name and are both really popular! A tad boring in my opinion

    7; Julian & Lucas sound great together! I love this pairing. I don't think Valentina sounds right with them, though. Maybe Julian & Valentina, but not Lucas & Valentina

    8; Summer & Owen are alright! I think they sound alright because they're both pretty uncommon. But I think they're two completely different categories of names

    9; Milo & Theo & Helen are great together! They're all short and sweet!

    10; Thomas & Annabelle are lovely as a pair. Both are classy and sophisticated sounding

    11; Jamie & Talia aren't too bad.I love the name Talia but I don't really care for Jamie


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1: Tess (Theresa) and Charlie (Charles)

    2: Kate (Katharine) and Scott

    3: Julianna and Carson

    These are the best for me, well what i also like about having a set of children is to have

    the same first letter in the name.

    My cousins were called Steven and Sophia and it was a really cool family, i want something like

    that so that is just my thoughts.

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