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PLease help Assisted suicide?

Hey guys i was wonder if someone would be kind enough help be out. I did an essay on Assisted suicide and i am stuck writing a conclusion . I seem to be blank.

In my essay i talked about :

-The difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide

- The pros to assisted suicide

- The negative to assisted suicide

- the sue rodriguez case

- and lastly mu opinion for assisted suicide ( which i am for it only if the person is suffering and eventually going to die)

Please help me out. I am not asking you do my homework , just asking for a little bit of help Thanks


please dont tell me which part of an eassy i sthe easiest. I know it is the conclusion but for some reason i am having trouble writing one for this essay :)

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    Hello, Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide

    Euthanasia is a controversial topic in the health care industry. "Euthanasia is defined broadly as 'mercy killing of the hopelessly ill, injured, or incapacitated'". (Pozgar, 2010, p 102) However, this seems to be the definition given by those that object to the act of either passive or active euthanasia. Other individuals whom do not object euthanasia, either passive or active define euthanasia as merely aiding one that is suffering from a terminal illness in ending their suffering and dying in a dignified manner. The controversy arises because many believe that it is a medical professionals job to prolong life, prevent death, and act in the patients best interest; however the decision to forgo treatment that can sustain life in such a situation is primarily the patient's. When a patient enters a health care organization in order to utilize care they are putting their trust in the medical staff to act in their best interest. Read the complete essay here:

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    I'm assuming you had an introductory paragraph in which you highlighted your points in the order they were brought up, sometimes extrapolating on the points, and tell why you're mentioning them or how they're related. What I usually do is write a huge intro paragraph, and then go about it kind of like cell division. I use the same extrapolations and the mentions of the topics I covered in conclusion but with different phrasing and I take 1/2 of the 'tell them how they're related" and put that in my closing. Then come up with a topic sentence for your closing along the the lines of, "Assisted suicide is a controversial topic in human ethics that calls many practices and judgements into play..." and a closing sentence that's vindictive, slightly opinionated, and has that "bam" quality to it.

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    The basis of the hippocratic oath is do no harm - or the modern version is not play at God. I think every human being has the right to be free of fear, pain, and loneliness. I think you have a right to choose your own beliefs. I think people who choose suicide are either not firmly in control of their mental faculties or suffering - both of which should have steps taken immediately to end the problem BUT not by killing them. I cannot support an intentional third party ending to someones life. That is how I define the word murder. If I am fired as a pharmacist for not issuing the morning after pill am I also fired as a physician for not killing you?

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    Well essay conclusions typically just summarize the body paragraphs so I would simply outline the key points I made in the essay. You already got the hard part done... conclusions are easy ;)

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    Conclusions are the easiest part of an essay.

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