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assisted suicide conclusion?

Hey guys i was wonder if someone would be kind enough help be out. I did an essay on Assisted suicide and i am stuck writing a conclusion . I seem to be blank.

In my essay i talked about :

-The difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide

- The pros to assisted suicide

- The negative to assisted suicide

- the sue rodriguez case

- and lastly mu opinion for assisted suicide ( which i am for it only if the person is suffering and eventually going to die)

Please help me out. I am not asking you do my homework , just asking for a little bit of help Thanks

please dont tell me which part of an eassy i sthe easiest. I know it is the conclusion but for some reason i am having trouble writing one for this essay :)

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    Hello... You must read this text. Here is what you need.

    Assisted Suicide

    Jill Allene, RN, visited Gus, an elderly patient at a hospice clinic. The next day Gus swallowed a lethal mixture of medications that had been prescribed by his physician, and fell into a deep sleep. He died soon after. Because it was his decision to take his own life, doesn't mean that he wins the battle with his disease, but he did win the war - a war of control. He wished simply to die on his own terms, under circumstances he chose. Like others in Oregon who have opted to use that state's legalized physician-assisted suicide (PAS). It wasn't the unrelenting surges of pain or incapacitating waves of nausea that encouraged Gus to call it quits; it was an unquenchable thirst for autonomy...

    You can get more info here:

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    Only if the person involved wants it. It's a personal choice the way I see it.

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