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What is the importance of LSD temples?

Why is it so important for Mormons to attend the Temple?


LDS! (DUH) I think its obvious that I made a spelling mistake!

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    to the LDS, a temple is the "House of the Lord." - a sacred building. after its dedication only faithful members may enter.

    the purpose --- to learn more about the purpose of life and make covenants to serve Jesus Christ and our fellow man. and participate in religious ceremonies that reach beyond mortality, such as baptisms on behalf of deceased ancestors and eternal marriage.

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    The Temple mount is important to the Christians for the same reason it's important to the Jews... it's the traditional site where they believe that God sent Abraham to test his faith by demanding that he sacrifice his son Isaac. The Temple mount is important to Islam because they believe it's the traditional site where the prophet Mohamed ascended to heaven at the end of his life. The political importance to both these faiths was religious in nature. The Christians only had control of the Temple mount after the first Crusade up until Saladin took Jerusalem back from the Crusader Kings. When Saladin was asked what was so important about taking Jerusalem, he answered..." Nothing... & yet, everything." It was just a question of prestige. Today the Temple mount is still under Muslim control. The political implication is that if it was taken away from Muslim hands, the tensions & violence in the Middle East would escalate. The Temple mount is nothing but a "rock"... just like Saladin said centuries ago..."Nothing.... & yet, everything."

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    @ c. - Uh, I think you better read the Bible again, sweetie. Either you're reading one of those re-written ones that man put together or you haven't read it at all. Either way, you're clueless. A lot of temple practices in the Bible were very sacred and not performed in public, nor was just anybody allowed to enter the temples... much like the LDS temples today. And while you're doing that refresher course, you might notice that even in biblical times the people put their sweat, tears, and materials into building the holy places, which are temples. So while you do your best to ridicule the practices of the LDS faith, you are actually ridiculing something that God Himself ordained and put into practice. How very Christ-like of you.

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    Too many people make a joke about LSD and LDS so I think they are mad at ya and think you did the mistake in purpose...

    They believe they cannot go to heaven without the temple even though Jesus tore the temple curtain from bottom to top when he was crucified to signify that temples were no longer needed.

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    Here is an article by an LDS authority on the meaning of temples.

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    the importance? Eternal family and exaltation. Those blessings would not be possible without the ordinances and covenants performed in the temple. Our whole religion points to the temple. That is our highest earthly goal, to worthily attend the temple.

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    It's where we perform certain ceremonies such as baptisms for the dead. These need to be in special buildings because it's a sacred thing and we can't just have anyone wandering off the street and interrupting things.

    The temples are more about privacy and separating ourselves from outside distractions.

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    To make them believe their made up stories even more so than they already do. To make them feel more religious. To make them believe they are more Jewish than Jews, because Jews had the original and they are simply jealous. A temple made by God is will always be more beautiful than any made of stone and sweat off people's backs. See picture below for example: people

    Unfortunately, they fail to realize that whatever happened in the original temples of the OT, God did openly. Even heathen tribes knew what went on within the temples of David's day, including within the Holy of Holies. it's right there in the Bible for all to read. Jesus took the lid off the Holy of Holies forever, exposing God for all to see and come to freely. Unlike mormon rituals which focus on humans and their puny plans, not God, not salvation. Although, with so many exmormons exposing them for what they are, its becoming the norm to see their tightly controlled rituals they attempt to hide by calling them "sacred" are nothing more than some childish sillyness. How many mormons walk out of temples privately snickering.... and don't say it doesn't happen LDS, because you know it darn right well does.

    Since when did God ever hide Himself from people in secret rituals and call them "sacred"? God is sacred. Nothing else. The LDS likes its faked mystery. Makes for more tourists.

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    plain and simple the reason LDS temples are so important is because through them families can be together forever.

    Here is a great link about frequently asked questions about temples.|question=/faq/use-o...

    If you have any other questions you would like to ask personally you can send me a message


    please no haters or anti

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    LSD Temples?

    Apparently I converted to the wrong religion.

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