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how is the united states army so powerful?

ok so i was watching the american channel and was watching stuff about the united states they have the most powerful military and weapons yes they are stronger then china and russia if we go to war with u.s who will win ??? they have more advanced nukes then russia the u.s is upgrading there weapons and nukes every year russia still have nukes from 45 years ago who will win a war us or the americans?

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    The danger with a War against China isn't because of there current troops / military. The U.S. military IS currently better equipped, trained & funded than China. We all know that a military made up predominatey of "infantry' isn't exactly stellar in this day and age (especially with-out the food & transportation to make use of them). Iraq could have added 2 million more people to there infantry base and the U.S. would have still kicked the crap of them in Kuwait simply because Air Power & Cruise Missiles are frightenly effective (maybe not in holding territory but eliminately infantry).

    The danger of China is the danger that Japan faced when they screwed with the U.S. Remember the line, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant." Well, you can apply that to a Country who has 4X the population of the U.S. and a very large manufacturing base that could easily be converted to there military industrial complex. The U.S. would have to cripple China very early and very fast (do a much better job than Japan did on us.)

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    The US military is the most powerful because the US military budget is so high.

    When the cold war ended countries like Russia and China significantly reduced their military spending as a portion of their GDP. They mothballed their weapons and reduced the size of their armies as they no longer needed them. But the US refused to do the same.

    America is still continuing military spending and development as if the cold war was going on so it's obvious that it would have the most powerful military as its main rivals have been at since the early 1990s.

    Who would win a war? If there was a war it would be the US attacking Russia or China on their home soil. Neither Russia or China actually maintain the capabilities to invade the US. They don't have the transport ships or aircrafts to move their troops. This is deliberate. Neither country actually wants to invade the US, so why spend the money preparing to do something that you have no intention to do?

    Of course, Russia and China are very big countries with well trained armies. The US could never win a war if it attacked them. There aren't enough tanks and planes in all of the world to invade either Russia or China. The US can't even control Iraq and Afghanistan without help form other countries. And both of these places are much smaller and weaker than Russia or China.

    If the war was nuclear, then Russia has enough nukes to burn all life off of the surface of the Earth 2 or 3 times over. If the US were to attack Russia then Russia would hit America with so many nukes that the seas would boil mountains would crumble into dust. It would be genocide on an unimaginable scale. 300 million people dead in minutes, and billions dead in the weeks and months that followed as radioactive dust cloaked the Earth and blackened the sun.

    If the US nuked China it would be the same. Russia is on China's borders, and attack on China would kill millions of Russian's too. America would be reduced to a wasteland.

    Both China and Russia have treaties that prevent them from firing first. There is absolutely no way that they'd nuke America without being attacked first. They both know that attacking the US would trigger a nuclear war which would kill billions. Neither want that.

    FYI, Russian nukes are POWERFUL, and Russian missiles are some of the best in the world. The rockets used to put up satellites are little more than Russian nukes with new paint on them.

    It doesn't matter that they are 45 years old, they were powerful enough to obliterate the world 45 years ago, and they are powerful enough to do it today.

    Russia also has so many missiles that no missile defense system ever built could stop them all. Even if you wiped out 99% of them before they hit you're still left with sufficient nukes to turn the US into a radioactive desert.

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    The old idea of conscripting a bunch of peasants and handing them weapons and having them charge the machine guns has been replaced by some very smart strategists and scientists who ensure every part of the modern soldier is reviewed, trained, employed,lead, equipped and supported in the most efficient and effective way. Today's American army fights smart rather than brute strength or onslaught.

    Winning a war is different than being the most powerful. War is diplomacy by other means. If the diplomats fail to resolve the issues, the military can't win. If the politicians quit funding operations, the military can't operate. When the politicians lose their will, reflecting the lack of will of the populace, then the war will be lost.

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    Military stats of the United States:

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    I'm kinda confused... Where are you from? Canada or Russia?

    The US military is powerful because it has nearly infinite money and recruits. A fighter jet or tank gets destroyed? No problem. Just replace it. Most nations simply can't afford to do that.

    Example. The US GDP is over 14 trillion per year.

    Canada and Russia make nowhere near as much money per year.

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    Unfortunately you posted this question in the 'words and wordplay' section, even though it's a 'military' question and should have been posted in that section instead. And the US army is more powerful than the Canadian army because it outnumbers the Canadian army about 100/1 and has vastly more munitions, naval vessels, aircraft and ground assault vehicles. Duh.

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    sorry, excuse that ignorant first answer. America does not ask for the help, they're ALLIES, so they OFFER the help. we don't take all the credit, if you look in our history books, there is credit given to other countries, especially the Soviet Union during WW2.

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    Because they ask help from their allies then take all the recognition and credit for being an elite force.

    Without the countries that step in when they ask, Americas army would be just as useful as any ther countries.

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    Because they can nuke anyone!

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    china. nuke will destroy everyone.

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