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Ace13 asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

My 9 Month Old Kitten Has Puffy Eye Lids?

My 9 month old kitten has puffy eye lids & they are slightly pink around the outside, I have a link to a photo below. What causes this? Is she alright?


We just got her 3 days ago, we adopted her from the humane society (through PetSmart). I'm not sure if her eyes have always looked this way. If she doesn't have pink eye & I use these drops on her, will it harm her? Thank-you so much for the help. She does get a bit of gunk in her eye sometimes, but I just thought all cats got that every once in awhile.

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    Well your cat is calico and has a white face for the most part. It's pretty common for white/calico cats to have pink around their eyes. Were her eyes always a tad pink around the edges? It's true though, your baby's eyes are looking puffy. They don't look as though they're oozing. Check with a vet to make a correct diagnosis, then treat it. Here is some information about eye infections in cats:

    Edit: Yeah, I'm fairly certain that the pink in your cat's case is normal. We had a calico kitten with pink around her eyes. She was healthy and happy, but always had the pink rim. Some white/calico cats are pinker than others. The gunk in the eyes is pretty normal. All cats get it. You just have to dab it with a damp, warm cloth to get rid of it. The puffy eyes is probably a reaction to the new environment, which is common. It'll take her some getting used to, but she'll be ok. If you notice any changes like ooze or a general look of infection, take her to the vet right away.

    A picture of my Dax. As you can see she too has pink around the eye with a bit of gunk. Normal, nothing wrong with her:

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    She's ok, that looks like allergies. If theres a ton of gunk and its yellow its a cold or infection and will need to be treated. But they just look a little puffy. If you just adopted her, she's probably reacting to the transition, litter change, different enviroment, dust etc.

    You could get non-medicated saline CAT eyedrops from the petstore and give her a couple of drops if her eyes get red. It works really well to clean pollen and dust out


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    Get some warm water and clean off the area. Take her to the vet and get some medication to put in her eye. It's an infection, or could also be a sign of upper respiratory. Either way, a vet visit is a must.

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    Awww... it had happened to my cat once. She had been playing outside all day, rolling the grass, going crazy, so I though she must have been allergic to something (pollen). She became alright the next day.

    It can also be conjunctivitis (pink eye). You get these eye drops at PETCO and PetSmart that you can use.

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