Piccolo Players! I'm wondering about Headjoints..?

What is the difference in playing between the "wave" and the regular headjoint?

And is the Bulb style better?

Also, is the Pearl Piccolo a good Piccolo?

I know that there is the PFP-105e which has the High Wave bulb style Headjoint and the PFP-105es which is the cylindrical bulb..

Which is the better of the two? Or is the Pearl Piccolo not as good as another?

Thank you very much in advance!

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    Head joints are an extremely personal choice. That's why there are so many after market makers. Hire an Instrument Trial Coach to evaluate your needs and recommend the best fit for you. At the very least, try a variety of head joints to see what sings for you. The exhibitors/market section of an area flute fair is the best place to try lots of different head joints all on the same day and in the same playing conditions. Be sure to try at least three of each one, since there is even some variation within the same make and model.

    Be happy. Play well. Best wishes.

    Source(s): Playing flute since 1964 and piccolo since 1967 - Currently perform in area orchestras and as a soloist
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