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Can horses eat oranges?

I was making horse treats for my lesson tomorrow, and one of the ingredients was "Any fruit or vegetable", I know that cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, bananas, and potatoes are out but I was wondering about oranges? Can horses eat them? Can anyone give me a list of fruits and veggies horses can and can't eat? But I am mostly wondering about oranges.

So the questions:

-Can horses eat oranges?

-Does anyone have a list of what fruits and veggies horses can't eat?

This isn't supposed to be a joke, I actually don't know. I asked someone else and they thought I was joking and walked away.

Thanks in advance

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    Yes they can, my filly loves oranges!



    ~ Onions

    ~ Potatoes

    ~ Persimmons

    ~ Rhubarb

    ~ Tomatoes

    ~ Any other members of the nightshade family which includes peppers

    ~ Broccoli or Cauliflower (may cause gas, which in turn may cause gas colic)

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    I know horses that love oranges! Oranges are just another tasty treat for horses. But contrary to popular belief, too many carrots are bad for horses. Also you shouldn't give a horse a whole apple, there's something in the seeds that can be bad for horses as well, but it's okay to give them individual slices. And on a side note, roasted unsalted peanuts are a good, cheap alternative treat for horses instead of expensive horse treats. :D

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    Bananas are fine. There's this famous brittish dressage rider. Oh,gosh, whats her name now? Uhh, I can't remember. Anyways, she gives her horses bananas all the time. I believe any citrus fruit is not good for horses. I'm not 100% positive, but its better to be safe than sorry. Use things like





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    Yeah they can eat oranges my oldenburg loves them - however my others horses hate them.

    bad veggies include;



    brocolli & cauliflower

    cabbage ( i just dont feed it to my horses)

    and obviously anything like ragworth , fox glove etc are big no no's

    Source(s): run part of the family stud farm.
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    Yes they can but that doesn't mean its good for them. If horse don't usally eat them then i wouldn't give it to them because you just be messing up there diet.

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    yeah horses can eat oranges, but alot don't like them. this website may help you, i was going to type it but its really long :) hope this helps ♥

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    They will probably eat it if you take the peels off. I'd recommend it.

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