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Political Science HELP!?

I have a few questions I have to review for an essay/final that I need help with...there are a lot but any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. Describe the factors that have contributed to the weakening of political parties in America.

2. How do political parties remain important?

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of weak political parties

4. Third parties. Why not? How?

5. Two of Congress's chief responsibilities are representation and lawmaking. Describe the ways in which these two responsibilites might conflict with one another. How do they support/reinforce one another?

6. What would congress be like if its sole function were representative? legislative?

7. Often the efficiency of public bureaucracies is judged in terms of the efficiency of private business and other organizations. In many instances, government has been expected to do things that businesses in the marketplace have chosen not to do or have found unprofitable. Might the tasks that government is asked to perform be more prone to inefficieny?

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    1. Personal corruption among the politicians themselves.

    2. There is a left and a right. The Democrats represent the left and the Republicans represent the right. There honestly is nothing more to it than that.

    3. Essay question - way too long an answer for this.

    4. Third parties -- they're all either right or left. The only one that kinda isn't is Independent, which is a vast wasteland for those who don't understand their own politics.

    5. Another essay question that requires half a bluebook to answer.

    6. Congress's sole function is legislative already. They are the LEGISLATIVE branch for Christ's sake. Is your teacher an idiot?

    7, Completely off base. The government has INSINUATED itself into private business. That is a stark difference from "taking up the slack."

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    As someone who was a Political Science major in college I feel confident in telling you that you will remember the answers to all of these infinitely more if you find the answers for yourself. Try researching them and physically writing them down (rather than typing) - it helps cement it in your mind and is a great study tool. Furthermore, that way you know for sure the information you are receiving is accurate, rather than taking someones word for it on here.

    Best of luck to you!

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