What do you think of these names?






Jamie (James)

Charlie (Charles)




Kari (prn car-ee)




Tess (Theresa)

Lucy (Lucille)

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    1 decade ago
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    Simon: Love! Very handsome and sophisticated-sounding!

    Owen: Love! Very handsome, smart, and charmingly English-sounding.

    Thomas: Love! Strong, handsome, intellectual, and timeless.

    John: Love! The ultimate versatile, masculine classic.

    James, nn Jamie: Love! James is another ultimate classic, and Jamie is a cute nickname.

    Charles, nn Charlie: Love! Another great classic name.

    Lucas: Love! Sweet, strong, and handsome.

    Amazing...I love ALL of your boys' names!

    Julianna: Beautiful and feminine...I love the sound, but personally I think the spelling Juliana has a bit more European elegance.

    Kari: Don't care for it...it's cute, but too informal and nicknamy...it just doesn't have any real elegance or sophistication.

    Lorraine: Love...it has a gorgeous sound, and always makes me picture a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair for some reason.

    Helena: Love...it's beautiful, elegant, smart, strong, and sophisticated!

    Summer: Don't like at all...it always makes me picture a blonde, bubbleheaded popular/mean girl.

    Theresa, nn Tess: Love! Theresa is beautiful, strong, timeless, and regal, and Tess is a cute, charmingly vintage nickname.

    Lucille, nn Lucy: Love! Lucille is beautiful, and I also adore Lucy...in fact, I like Lucy a little bit more as a full name...it's so spunky and literary.

    So the only girls' names I don't care for are Kari and Summer, which just don't seem to fit into your list of sophisticated classics. Some similar-sounding ideas:



    Clara (or the German spelling, Klara)










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    4 years ago

    Sophia Elizabeth Sophia Grace Madison Grace Madison Victoria Mia Isabella Natalie Sophia Natalie Grace Lily Sophia Lily Grace Hannah Elizabeth Hannah Grace Hannah Charlotte Alexis Victoria Alexis Charlotte Charlotte Elizabeth Charlotte Grace Charlotte Victoria Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Evelyn Sarah Lillian Savannah Elizabeth Savannah Alexis Savannah Grace Evelyn Grace Evelyn Charlotte Victoria Evelyn Victoria Elizabeth Ella Grace Ella Charlotte

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    1 decade ago

    I like all of the girl names, because none of them are SUPER SUPER common, but they're familiar enough where they won't get made fun of. You don't want a name on either extreme, like where there will be 5 other kids in their class with the same name (i.e. John, Thomas, Jessica, Sofia, etc).

    Names should be familiar enough to not get made fun of (I knew kids named November, Aphrodite, you name it), but also, you don't want them to be called John C. because there's four other little John's in the class.

    I like the names Owen and Simon. I LOVE Lucas, too, but be careful because I knew two boys named Lucas growing up, and in both schools in two different states, they were both called "Lucas Mucas" which spawned into "booger boy."

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    1 decade ago

    I love Charlie and Lucas for boys. And I also love Lucy and Julianna for girls. Lorraine is up there too, but it's kinda uncommon

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  • 1 decade ago

    I really like Owen and Charlie. For girls i love the name Summer and Julianna.

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    Good choices! Owen, Simon, then Charlie are my favorite of your boy's names. And Tess, Lucy, and Julianna are my favorites for your girls names... and in that order for both!

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    1 decade ago

    simon - simple, not that common

    owen - a bit more unique, not heard as much, nicely spelt

    thomas - always quite a common name

    john - sounds like an 'older' name to me

    jamie - sweet name. definitely prefer jamie to james

    charlie - really cute name and prefer it to charles. sounds cute

    lucas - cute name

    julianna - unique, not heard that one before, nicely spelling, sounds pretty and very feminin

    kari - different, nicely pronounced but it would sound better as (ka-ree), really nice spelling

    lorraine - OK name, sounds like an 'older' name

    helena - again, sounds like an older name

    summer - beautiful! love this name

    tess - OK

    lucy - sweet name and sounds pretty

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    1 decade ago

    I don't like any of them that's my opinion though. But just remember name your baby by possibly important or inspiring people you know. Not people you've had bad experiances with. Also you can always wait until you have the kid and you find a name that will fit'em.

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    theres a girl in my school named summer and she gets made fun of alot so i wouldn't name her summer but i love the name lucy and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the name lucas for a boy.:)

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Owen and Helena

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