Did you hate your male sex drive before starting hrt?

Hi, I am a pre everything transsexual, and I was just wondering if you absolutely hated your libido before you started hormones. Every day I have this need to relieve myself, and it disgusts me and makes me feel like I may be a fake transsexual. However my desire to transition is very strong, and is not a fetish. Once I do all the psycological stuff and finally get on hrt and antiandrogens in a year or 2 will my sex drive change, and my need to use that disgusting male "appendage" vanish? It is not that I hate my sexuality, but yeah, having male urges is very very confusing for me and makes me question if I could be fake or not. It feels like I should have more of a desire to be touched and cuddled and the function of my penis gone forever. I mean I just hate how it feels on me, almost as though it is not even a real part of my body.

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    10 years ago
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    Yes, it was overwhelming. It does not make you fake. I knew I was a girl when I was 3 years old and knew I needed surgery when I was 6 (1968). Yet I still had the same needs you mention, hrt helps.

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