Noisy neighbours? Would this be considered a violation?

Ok so Im living in a bachelor apartment in nova scotia and my neighbours apartment is also a bachelor but we both share a balcony. The problem is that everyday at 9pm - 2pm they leave their balcony door (which is open like 24/7) and I could either hear them mumbling or their tv is too loud. I could hear their tv even with music playing on my computer. Its driving me insane and ive called the management 10 times and all they do is tell them to keep it down and it still goes on ! Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, Its called "Breach of the Peace" and can be charged. Phone up (non emergency) for the Police and tell them, and they should pay them a visit. Re-Occurring Breach of the Peace is an Arrestable Offence, and can be charged again, with a higher fine.

    Source(s): Police Officer.
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