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Why does the Kings description of our monster like enemies sound so much like the modern USA?

The King to His Peoples. From Buckingham Palace September 3rd 1939

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In this grave hour perhaps the most fateful in our history

I send to every household my people both at home and overseas this message

Spoken with the same depth of feeling for each one of you as if I were able to cross your threshold and speak to you myself

For the second time in the lives of most of us we are at war Over and over again we have tried to find a peaceful way out of the differences between ourselves and those who are now our enemy But it has been in vain we have been forced into a conflict For we are called with our allies to meet the challenge of a principle which if it were to prevail it would be fatal to any civilisised order in the world

It is the principle which permits a State in the selfish pursuit of power to disregard its peoples and solemn pledges Which sanctions the use of force or the threats of force against the sovereignty and independence of other States

Such a principle stripped of all disguise is the mere primitive doctrine that might is right and if this principle were established throughout the world the freedom of our own country and of the whole British commonwealth of nations would be in danger But far more than this the peoples of the world would be kept in the bondage of fear and all hopes of settled peace and of the security of justice and liberty among nations would be ended

This is the ultimate issue which confronts us For the sake of all that we ourselves hold dear and of the world order and peace it is unthinkable that we should refuse to meet the challenge This is the high purpose that I now call my people at home and my people across the seas who will make our cause their own

I ask them to stand with calm and firm and united in this time of trial

The task will be hard

There may be dark days ahead and war can no longer be confined to the battle field but we can only do the right as we see the right and reverently commit our cause to god With one and all we keep resolutely faithful to it Ready for whatever service or sacrifices it may demand then with gods help we shall prevail

May he bless and keep us all


Ford supplies material aid to the Nazi regime

IBM supplies modern punch card technology to the death camps

Prescott Bush is charged with trading with the enemy

Joe Kennedy is a pro Nazi

Hitler patterns his eugenics program off the US's program

The KKK still preaches the Nazi messages in America as "free speech"


Afghanistan -- to catch Bin Laden 9 years later a 400 % rise in herion output is noted

Iraq is still occupied despite the lies told to commit the war Bush the grandson of a war criminal charged with trading with the enemy buys off the accusers via money and political power

Why does the modern US and its wars based on lies torture of person international kidnapping and brutal overseas occupations sound exactly like the soul less monsters King George so clearly identified as the enemies of all Or freedom or liberty of justice or peace

Why does the Kings description of our monster like enemies sound so much like the modern USA?

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    Because they weren't really mad at the king. They were mad at the democratically elected Parliament which had the authority to tax, not the king. And Parliament did what all governments do. Expand and maintain their own power.

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    that's a problematic question to answer. The Bible names many enemies. some are actual, some religious. So this is my take on the issue: a million. no longer all human beings is interior the physique of Christ. This factors to the top that no longer all human beings is your brother in Christ. Even spiritually. In turn, in the event that they do no longer look to be interior the physique, they're an "enemy", yet purely to the factor the place they flatly refuse the gospel of salvation. that's the place the Bible tells us to shake the dirt off our feet and circulate on. 2. in case you factor to a greater religious nature, you could call the "seven deadly sins" or somebody or stress that seeks to divert our interest from serving God. those could count between our enemies. 3. The Bible says to love human beings who dislike you. of course then we would desire to love our enemies. The Bible under no circumstances says to hate all people, which comprise our enemies and this finally ends up in a distinction between enemy and hate. basically because of the fact I call you an enemy does no longer advise that I hate you. basically the different. i will love you greater because you're my enemy. Why? you like it greater suitable than my brother in Christ, who already has the terrific Love of all. In end-love those you call enemy, yet ensure you already know who they're. in the event that they pontificate a diverse gospel, refuse the genuine gospel of salvation or blaspheme the Holy Ghost, then those could be worth of the call of enemy. back, this would not advise i will hate you or shun you away. The Bible supplies a strict command on enemies, and a greater strict command on hate.

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