In 'v for vendetta' movie , about social question here..?

what is methods of dictatorships used throughout the film ?


can you give me examples(scenes) in this movie ?

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    9 years ago
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    The graphic novel for it says that it is fascism that has evolved from I think the conservative party, and expresses explicitly the fascist modes of the government.

    The film is less obvious and explicit. It seems the government could be either fascist or communist. However, the government is usually presented in a more Nazi way, suggesting fascism rather than communism. Just look at the logo in this image:

    Also, the story of V is very symbolic of the Holocaust and Nazi experimentation projects; where he talks about his past, to Evey I think, he tells of a concentration camp uncannily like Nazi facilities.

    Basically there is some difficulty defining communism from fascism in some aspects, but the way it is presented in this movie, it is almost unquestionably fascistic.

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  • owston
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    3 years ago

    No, it relatively is up there on the checklist perhaps, yet i for my area think of Zeitgeist is extra substantial. V for Vendetta does say something approximately how companies are getting into power and the opportunity of a sparkling international Order does pop into our heads.

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