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Will my personality fit for being an environmental engineer?

I've always wanted to have a job that had to do with nature and/or preserving stuff and so I finally think I found what I want to be: environmental engineer. They make pretty good money and I'll be doing something that I love, working with the environment. Anyways, when I think of environmental engineering I think of someone who's strict and serious. I'm neither of those. I have a very imaginative personality and I'm optimistic and I dress kind of like a hippy.Not exactly but I tie bandannas around my forehead a lot and I wear Puka shell necklaces (those necklaces that surfers wear in hawaii) and I have one pair of glasses that are like John lennon's glasses. I also want to move close to the ocean and possibly work with the oceans and stuff as my job. Do I have to change to become an environmental engineer? I mean yeah of course I won't be wearing my street clothes on my job but I can't change my personality.

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    Environmental engineers require imagination and optimism (as do engineers in other fields)! Remember, it's not what you wear that defines a person, it's how you face challenges.

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    I think you're going to have a problem.

    Like it or not, as an environmental engineer you're going to come up against problems that don't always favor nature.

    In other words, nature isn't going to be signing your paycheck, and that's going to put you in a conflict of interest.

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