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If the only way to stop kim jong-il, was to nuke N Korea, would you support it?

The only thing is S Korea will get exposed to blast, and what comes with it


Ric. What if the rest of World offered $10 000 and a small piece of land to each person in N Korea, if they rush kim jong-il, and take him out. And if you die trying your family gets the $10 000

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If little girl jong, with all the power is killed, do you think the rest of country will be willing to negotiate, I mean are the ppl under him just following orders. And too cowardly to stand up to him

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    No, it would do more harm than good. Not only would you be directly harming North Korean citizens who you are implying we save by taking out "Dear Leader", you would be harming South Korean citizens as well as Japanese citizens with the fallout from a nuclear blast. Sure, the North Koreans have nuclear weapons too, but their nuclear technology is so far behind they have no efficient method of delivery. Basically, their nukes are too big to be attached to missiles and rockets, so they would have to try and deliver it by air which would be next to impossible. The North Korean Air Force's equipment is so old, if they did manage to get a plane in the air they would have to deal with U.S/South Korean fighter jets and attack helicopters.

    It may be hard to convince the citizens of the country to revolt against someone they pretty much see as a god of sorts. I'm not saying it's impossible, but highly improbable.

    The people are basically kept in line by the military/police force. The military/police force are the ones who get food and fuel rations first, whatever is left over goes to the rest of the population, which tells us a couple things..

    #1 the military is in better fighting condition than a poor farmer

    #2 the military will always follow orders because it allows them a better quality of life (as it were)

    Finally, in my personal opinion, if KJI were "taken out" someone from within the ranks of the military would step up and come to power, and since they closely follow the beliefs of KJI and his father Kim Il-Sung, there would only be minor changes in the country.

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    No, I wouldn't support nuking anyone. There are better methods than nuking. Besides, there are a lot of people in that country that need help, killing them would do no good to anyone but ourselves. What you are stating is more of a preventative measure. Try something more peaceful and cunning, like a poker game, loser has to leave winner alone, or Rock paper scissor, who can say no to that?

    Source(s): Thats a different scenario, it would be up to the people at that point, not an appointed authority. I may not like the idea of nuclear fall out, due to the devistation that very well could arise out of it. Their nuclear bombs, like ours and others, are not just located in their country, and even if we nuke them, they can still survive, they would have enough time to go to a fall out shelter, and retaliate. The united nations need to step in and forcibly make N Korea give up their weapons, but who is to say we (USA) should be the only ones with them.
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    We helped NK in the previous returned interior the Clinton era and that they shoved it in our face. What extra do you prefer? NK is honestly between the main remoted countries interior the worldwide as a results of fact of their regulations. They spend plenty on conserving a brilliant status military that they forget something of the civilian inhabitants that's why China has to furnish them with plenty nutrition. once you are going to make up info approximately some thing a minimum of attempt to make it sound actual.

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    Yes, i would supported because is a necesity, and sometimes that the only choice. war is never easy but sometimes is the only way.You think Kim Jong il wouldnt bombed us? and im pretty sure they have bombs that wont destroy more than its suppose to.

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    heck yeah! they're bunch of crazy people just like most of the germans during ww2

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    ehhh, what the hell, turn the key

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