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What is your NBA dream team?

Who would you pick if they were all in there Prime of there Careers on 1 team, but not retired.

PG: Chris Paul

SG- Allen Iverson

SF- Tracy McGrady

PF- Kevin Garnett

C- Dwight Howard


some people are dumb MJ is retired.... smh

Update 2:

Iverson isn't retired retard learn your **** he plays in Turkey that's not retired.

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    9 years ago
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    pg: iverson

    sg: kobe

    sf: lebron


    c: shaq

    this is a team with plenty of offense and defense.

  • PD
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    9 years ago

    PG: Derrick Rose

    SG: Michael Jordan

    SF: Grant HIll

    PF: Dwight Howard

    C: Shaq

    keep in mind rose has yet to hit his prime and a young athletic shaq with an athletic dwight howard would be scary to watch....not to mention a couple of the greatest defenders in MJ and hill.....

    Source(s): my bad retard...i thought if you could use iverson, i could use least MJ is still involved with the NBA
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    PG- LeBron James (matchup nightmare)

    SG- Kobe Bryant

    SF-Amare Stoudemire

    PF- Tim Duncan

    C-Dwight Howard

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    PG: Rajon Rondo

    SG: Dwane Wade

    SF: Carmelo Anthony

    PF: Kevin Garnett

    C- Dwight Howard

    DH completes the team lol, he's too awesome.

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  • vv
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    9 years ago

    Point Guard: Steve Nash (passer and scorer)

    Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant (scoring machine back in the day)

    Small Forward: LeBron James (I know he is hated out there, but let's face it this guy is a beast)

    Power Forward: Kevin Garnett (defensive presence)

    Center: Dwight Howard (defensive presence)

    This team would bring the offense and the defense.

  • Mine.

    Tony Parker.

    Manu Ginobili.

    Lebron James.

    Kobe Bryant.

    Tim Duncan.

  • Rlee86
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    9 years ago

    pg- steve nash

    sg- ray allen

    sf- kobe bryant

    pf- amare stoudemire

    c- ben wallace (don't laugh, he plays phenomenal d and with all the other fire power this team would be straight!)

    Oh, i totally forgot about shaq.... but i stick with my picks! ben did well with shaq in the 05 finals.

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