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Is Julian Assange, The Wikileaks hacker, performing a public service or committing espionage?

In your opinion.?




You have a good head on your shoulders lovey...and even more importantly a good heart in your chest. Trust you to get it.

He is a freaking hero alright...and he has been fitted up for that rape charge in Sweden tighter than Kate Middleton for her wedding frock. When they try that hard to shut someone just know you should listen to what the bloke is saying, huh?

Update 2:


That';s right. He shows them up as duplicitous scum....and they don't want us knowing that. A Federal Cabinet Minister in Australia named Eddie Arbid has been spying on his own political party fopr the US for years now Wikileaks just revealed.. We are their fecking ALLY ferfuxake...what are they doing spying on us? And what is that worm doing selling out his own nations interests and the confidentiality of his own party to them?

Who ARE these people we have seeded hegemony to? What manner of men ane women are running the world? Julian Assange has let us get a glimpse...they are apparently...lying, cheating, xenophobic warmongers .

Good on him...that there are not many more like him is the only pity of it, I reckon.

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    Trout's nailed it. Assange is doing what I think we forget all Journalists should be doing. Only most of them are so gutless, and/or owned by people with vested interests that we never get to hear the real News. And I notice that the World's Media are quite happy to report on the leaked documents once wikileaks has leaked them. That just proves the point even more. Espionage is no longer the sole domain of Governments.

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    THe man is a gift, unfortunately they will use this as an excuse to enact even more draconian laws in order to keep their duplicity hidden. Why are the septic tanks spying on us, easy peasy, we arent dealing with a nation called the US here but with a small and immensely powerful elite that use the US government, and military, as tools to further their interests. I know its unfashionable but I am sure you will have heard the term Military Industrial Complex? Well they have dropped the Industrial, or to put it more accurately they have exported it to China. Just sayin

    Edit good points ther Kat tad elitest though perhaps the assumption that people dont have a right know, as for the cables sure your argument makes sense, however we are not dealing with village idiots here and the people that run these fools are quiet capable of finding the information, personally I want to see the ones about Little Johnny ( grumbles Hate to lose a goood argument) LOL

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    I wouldn't say he is committing espionage. It's more like he is advocating espionage. He paid some private first class in the army to give him some classified government documents. That private first class committed espionage by betraying his government, after it was out he has a right to free speech that he chose to exercise in publishing those documents. Although he did still pay someone to commit espionage so that's why I say that.

    I don't think he is doing a public service because I can't see any way that this helps the public. Hurts US opinion in the world? Yes. Is it great that we have free speech in this country? certainly. But that doesn't mean every person who exercises their rights are doing a public service. Contrary to that, this is one of those cases where we have to put up with someone abusing their rights.

    I suppose there are a few curious people out there who are glad they know a bit more about their government, but overall it doesn't harm the secrecy in our government so I don't think those curious people matter in the bigger picture.

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    Lets take a look at the content

    The very thing the media does not want you to do

    What do the majority of these cables reveal ?

    Our leaders --- the people we are supposed to respect are a bunch of school children behaving badly in double talking back room dealings that couldn't give a rats a--- about those who have so kindly and generously supported them in a lifestyle few of us will ever see

    Yemen promises to keep lying about the fact it is the US who is bombing the crap out of this or that not terrorists

    Saudi Arabia has a lot more sway than any of us would ever want them to have about what wars we will fight

    Afghanistan has no government it is a drug lords den of thieves operating because NATO protects them as 400 % rises in heroin that our taxes go to protect keeps them in power

    So now because of Jullian --- we have the proof of those things we always suspected

    Our taxes pay to protect crops that our cops are paid via the same taxes to put people in cages for having

    The media has proudly told us all that he has been charged with rape and an international warrant along with Interpol has been alerted --- this goes on while the Americans run an asembly line of molestation in order to board a plane because of ONE guy from Yemen the nation that promised to keep lying for the war on terror about whose bombs were whose was escorted on to a plane by US government officals despite or perhaps because of his fathers warnings that he was up to no good The idiot in question by lighting his crotch on fire made Chertof's porn scans an instant hit at airports

    The backdrop of that is even more insane Jullian -- the charges with rape used no force and the women involved say it was consensual sex .......... but the condom broke Sweden is on its 3rd prosecutor because 2 have walked away

    Our leaders are insane spoiled brats behaving as if they own us the people instead of being grateful for the wage and life style we provide The media has reacted with the fever of a guard dog over a non existent rape charge in utter hypocrisy to the events their government sanctions and we have been duped into paying for the drugs they put us in jail for

    Welcome to the parallel universe --- I am not sure how or when we got here but here we are

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    If people knew the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, there would be a revolution before the end of the month.

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    Truth shall reign,...if it doesnt evil spreads like wildfire, people need to have others accountable or all hell breaks loose. Seek Truth with all you are, sets you free.

    -Truth Seekers UNITE!

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    Neither. He's a criminal.

    Much of what was leaked is of no use to the general public. Who really needs to know Helen Clarke's UN credit card number except potential fraudsters? Leaking that information is illegal.

    The location of the landing points of submarine fibre optic cables that carry our internet usage is fairly serious stuff. Letting that info into the public arena is plain stupid. A terrorist cell with some nouse and contacts in the telco industry could find out sure, but a retard with a vendetta and a gas axe just doesn't need to know. Leaking that information was unwise. I bet you're gonna be pissed when an army of two idiots manages to cut Australia off from the world by cutting those 2 cables that connect you to the rest of the internet all because an idiot thought it a public service to disclose the locations of those cables. In my book, that's tantamount to terrorism.

    That the US state dept are a bunch of arrogant jerks with low opinions of other countries' statespeople is not a big secret. That US foreign policy consists of bullying anybody with fewer nuclear weapons than them is plain to see from their actions. We didn't need wikileaks to tell us this. Leaking that information was a waste of time. We already knew.

    Is Julian Assange a hero for doing so? No. He was a d!ckhead.

    Should Julian Assange be arrested and extradited to Sweden to face an alleged sexual assault charge? Well, there's an alleged victim and a report of the alleged incident, so clearly yes. If I was to face an investigation for a charge like that I'd like it to be in Sweden or somewhere equally liberal thanks particularly given the situation, their justice system will get him off. Different story if he's been extradited to the States.

    For the record, the lying, cheating, xenophobic warmongers have always ruled the world. From Agamemnon to Genghis Khan to Pol Pot, the biggest turds always rise to the surface. Again, it didn't take wikileaks to tell us that. We didn't cede hegemony to them. It has always been thus.

    Governments need to keep secrets. Like it or not, it is for the public good. Countries exist to compete with each other and that competition exists because of our inherent biology. It's always about us and them. To change the paradigm involves changing what it means to be a human animal. Does any of us have the right to do that? Put another way, if humans didn't naturally compete with each other, we'd be living in a global utopian anarchy.

    Trout - journalism is not about posting a random bunch of other people's work. That's plagiarism. Journalists actually analyze the data and have a conscience about what gets released for general consumption. I noticed that you cherry picked the bits that fit your argument and neglected to mention the rest of his illegal activities.

    Again, there's information out there that the general public just doesn't need to know. They don't have the cognitive ability to analyze data in any meaningful way. Feck, 75% of americans believe a magical sky daddy breathed on a bit of dirt and created them. What do you think they're going to make of this? Nothing useful, that's for sure.

  • To the U.S. and other governments and corporations involved in the crackdown on WikiLeaks:

    We call on you to stop the crackdown on WikiLeaks and its partners immediately. We urge you to respect democratic principles and laws of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. If WikiLeaks and the journalists it works with have violated any laws they should be pursued in the courts with due process. They should not be subjected to an extra-judicial campaign of intimidation.

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    If I tell you what I think they might "disappear" me.

    Oh what the heck.

    We need people like him to keep things honest.

    As long as he doesn't leak my secrets! LOL

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    Public service. He's a hero.

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