What is Page CTR And CPC and Page RPM in google adsense?

when is the CTR is bad ? when its low or high?

my CPC is 0.50

and CTR 2.67%

is that bad?

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    In most cases, a 2% click-through rate would be considered very successful, though the exact number is hotly debated and would vary depending on the situation

  • 5 years ago

    Formula: RPM = (Estimated earnings of the site / Number of page views of the website) * 1000 the CTR is way too high than . Normal CTR are less than 10% for most website. CPC = Cost Per Click. It means that the amount of money Google pays you for a certain click. Every click has its own CPC. Of course, an Adsense publisher wants CPC to be as high as possible.

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    CTR is the Click Through Rate. That is the percentage of visitors who click on an ad. out of the vistors who visit the page the advert is on (page impressions). 2.67% is quite high but why is this? Is it that your page holds no interest for your visitors and they 'escape' through an Ad?

    CPC is Cost Per Click. That is what Google pay you per click. 0.50 is fairly low.

    Presumably RPM is Revenue Per Month although it is expressed as eCPM (estimated Cost Per Month).

    Don't forget that Google don't like webmasters discussing actual rates, earnings etc. so never do this whilst disclosing the URL of your site.

    Of course, the first thing to worry about is visitor numbers. Until these are above 400/500 page loads a day (in your case maybe 1000/2000) you are wasting your time looking at Adsense revenue. Check your site on Nibbler to see what areas may need improving http://nibbler.silktide.com/top-sites

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  • 1 decade ago

    it's not bad or good. it's just a statistic. your average cost per click 50 cents. only you would know if it good or bad.

    your CTR is 2.67% meaning, click through ratio - above the average of .5%

    There is a good blog article regarding this issue, read it to get an idea of how to improve adsense.

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