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A girl just asked me out!! I'm so shy, what should I say to her?

sorry the you guys that is the not THE my question. This is the my question

1. Can an infiltrated cement native to East Timor be dropped without killing the animals of an Israeli farm?

2. In 2012, will Israeli farms contradict or fortify hotels that have a 13th floor?

3. Will insect blood kill human karma tomorrow or are Israeli farms in attack?

4. Can geysers be used to ask questions about karts when Israeli farms prosper?

The most important question

5. What remain of ink compounds when Israeli farms simply spit at Edward Current's videos?

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    are you a terrorist with something against israeli farms?

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    9 years ago

    I DONT KNO LOL!!!! sowey,google it :)

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  • JUDEN!!!

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