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I need help writing an assertion for my thesis my thesis is Homeschooled kids generally have equal social skills with kids in regular school Dont give me an assertion but guide me in the right direction there i dont want to be filed for copyright or anything and i dont want to steal assertions This is for tonight please help


Sorry if i wasn't clear before I need an assertion to support my aguement secentance above An assertion is statement used to support my thesis but is not a fact but rather an argument so in other words in need an argument to defend my thesis not a Proven fact

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    I don't quite understand what you are asking, can you provide additional details to what you need help on?

    But for a thesis statement - I usually write my thesis in this format

    What you are trying to say or argue because + reason + reason + reason

    for example: "Courts in the United States have consistently upheld the right of free speech on public property if it is not obsence, threatening, or inciting violence".

    (((I hope this helps, I'm sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for.)))

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    "categories of track impact human beings emotionally and bodily." So what? "Jane Austen based her characters off of real human beings." So what? "the form of the internet/social networking has replaced our lifestyle." So what? What you have indexed are matters, which should not be perplexed with a thesis. an marvelous thesis is going previous what your paper is approximately (the subject rely) and gets right down to the nitty gritty. Why could the reader care? Why could the reader provide a sh*t approximately Jane Austen's characters being based off of real human beings, or the internet changing our lifestyle, or that track can impact them emotionally/bodily? answer the "so what?" and you will decide for an marvelous thesis. If I had to p.c.. considered one of your matters, i could pass with some thing approximately Jane Austen. that's the only subject rely section remotely concerning your type.

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