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racial discrimination when applying for citizenship?

A friend of the family (Egyptian nationality) went to apply for citizenship a couple of weeks ago...and the employee she was dealing with was racist..our friend had all her papers ready and everything, her pasport that showed when she left the country and when she returned back and everything, yet the employee asked her to write down the places she's lived in cause she wanted to check with the neighbours to c if she really lived there which is lame cause like I said her passport had stamps which showed the exact dates of when she left and when she came back and everything...also when u leave Canada the permanent residency card gets scanned every time u go in or out, so they have it on their system....she also asked her to have the stamps on the passport translated in English cause they were in Arabic, but wouldn't tell her where to go to have them translated....also worth mentioning that the lady infront of her in the line was really black and she only had a copy of her pasport not her passport just a copy and her pic wasn't clear in that copy cause she was a black woman, yet the officer accepted the copy and didn't ask her for anything else....what can this friend do? Any advice please.


Can this employee do anything to prevent this friend from being a Canadian citizen?

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    A passport would only show leaving and coming back, could have been a vacation or business trip, it was appropriate for the person to ask for addresses for further confirmation. With the threat of terrorism from people of Mideastern descent then they will experience more scrutiny that someone from the US or Canada would, sorry it has to be that way but times are critical and more and more profiling will be implemented. The only place to complain would be the supervisor for the employer or the Egyptian embassy.

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