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Did Charlie Watts of the rolling stones ever had groupies and slept with them?

I'm just curious to know because when I looked him up on wikipedia it tells lies because people edit but anyways I want to know if he really did, oh do any of the stones accept fanmail right now? :)

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    So Wikipedia tells lies. It sounds like you are doing your own personal editing. The Rolling Stones were marketed as bad boys. Their exploits were promoted by their managers who were Andrew Oldham and Allen Klein. I think it was more Andrew that marketed them as bad boys. Andrew used to work for Brian Epstein who managed the Beatles.

    If Charlie was a family man, that would not be marketed. Back in the sixties, the fans thought that Charlie and Bill were stoned all the time because they rarely said anything in interviews and would look rather stoned faced during performances.

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  • 9 years ago

    you bet...and lots of them I am sure. The guy gathered no moss if you know what I mean.

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