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Brakeup songs suggestions when breaking up - silly but everyone does it!?

Ok so we all know that if we're happy, or sad .. we always listen to music depending on our mood. Well my boyfriend just broke upp, so right now im DEVASTATED, If you guys have any songs that we could relate to, please share! Thank you :)

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    Sad breakup or mad/empowering breakup songs??


    Better things to do- Terri Clark

    I'll take you back- Brad Paisley

    Lesson in leaving- Jo Dee Messina

    Bye bye- Jo Dee Messina

    I told you so- Carrie Underwood

    In terms of love- Shedaisy


    It only hurts when i'm breathing- Shania Twain

    Still holdin out for you- Shedaisy

    What I really meant to say- Cindy Thompson

    I wish you'd stay- Brad Paisley

    Tonight I wanna cry- Keith Urban

    A little of both:

    You'll think of me- Keith Urban

    I want a man that stands beside me- Terri Clark

    Source(s): Let us know the type you are looking for so we can give you better answers. Hope these help you though...
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    One of my favorite songs which is sort of a men-bashing one (which you might like right now) is Bobby Bare's Numbers Song. It'll put a smile on your face pretty quickly!

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    "Don't Rock the Jukebox" - Alan Jackson (1991)

    "A Little Lesser Blue" - Lionel Cartwright (1989)

    It's obvious why he broke up with you. He doesn't want to spend money on Christmas presents.

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    Bart Crow Band-Wear My Ring

    Thats my favorite because it makes me feel better :)

    I hope it makes you feel better too because your probably better without him :)

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    Try Chris brown Say good Bye

    neyo do you love me

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    john Denver I am sorry

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    snuff- slipknot

    PHOTOGRAPHS- Rihanna <3

    heartbeat (chase & status remix)- nneka

    so i thought- flyleaf

    lions, tigers, bears- jazmine sullivan

    cold case love- rihanna

    left hand charity- 36 crazyfists

    probably wouldn't be this way- LeAnn rimes <3


    Source(s): hope it helped but it just kinda depends on what music you like and if you want to get even more sad about the break up... or move on from it and see that you need better..... hope you feel better!
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