Radio interference in my computer?

I recently switched my ISP from cable to a regional phone carrier (high speed). Ever since the tech did the install, I am receiving radio signals over my external speakers when plugged into my laptop. I am not hearing the sound through the speakers of my laptop, just the external speakers when plugged in. I always use a hardwire connection when working. THe interference is louder when hardwire connected, but drops when connected to the internet wirelessly. It however is still present. I have tried:

moving the speakers from the wireless modem

changed channels on the modem

swapped out the modem

disconnected the modem

disconnected the house entirely from the phone carrier

moved the modem from the speakers,

straightened out all wires and cables

I moved my laptop and speakers into the hall from my home office and there is no interference.

The technicians are convinced it is not their equipment that is the problem. All I know is, there was no interference with the cable DSL, but now there is with the phone DSL.

I'm giving them one more try to fix the problem. If not I will be forced to go back to my old carrier (ugh!). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 10 years ago
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    are you sure that no other changes occured?

    Also what do you mean by radio interference?

    Are you picking up actual radio signals or is it just some kind of static or hum?

    If it's static or hum, it could be caused by what's termed, "dirty" power. Basically means that some where in the system something is not grounded properly. Usually to check this you start by making sure that the power cords are plugged in properly, maybe check your power strip and that there are no frayed wires.

    If it's actual radio interference you can use what's called ferrite cores.

    Buy cables that have these, something like this:

  • 6 years ago

    I get radio programs one station

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