A date in Houston with a girl from Kentucky?

I will have been dating a guy for two years in February and I've never met him. I will be 19 on the 19th of dec and he turned 18 on the 5th. His mom who I love dearly invited me to come down there for his bday. That didn't happen because something tragic occurred in his family at the passing time. I want to go still and I want to keep it a surprise for him but I do not know if I really wanna go since his mom won't allow me to help with any of the expenses. So should I go?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Houston is off of I-10 you don't say where u are from in KY but you could make Alabama in only a few hours shoot down to like Mobile and stop for the night. Total driving time would by roughly 16 - 18 hours. Be aware that some Rental companies won't refuse to rent to people under 25 years old.

    My roommate is from northern greece and her family needed her over the holidays (her dad was sick)

    so her boyfriend flew to greece to suprise her. so yeah why not go for it.

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