Need ideas for Xmas Gift: Home Reno gift basket?

We are putting together a gift basket $300-$400 for my in-laws. They are doing a lot of home renovations next year and we would like to put together a fun themed gift basket to help with the renos. We have the obvious things like home decore magazines, paint brushes, drywall tools, wine, tylenol, painters tape.... we need a bunch more!

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    Just make sure you don't duplicate stuff - it's an expensive basket.

    Stud finder

    An electrical detector

    gift card for their favorite Home Improvement store

    good utility cable with a light.


    "T" square

    A "her" tool kit

    Needle nose pliers

    A mouse sander

    A drywall sander with screen

    Caulk gun

    Wood Glue

    Screen roller

    Staple Gun w 2 size stable refills

    Power nozzle for the hose


    Safety Glasses

    Work gloves

    A receipt book

    Ear plugs

    A necklace that says Boss

    One that says I can't hear you

    Coupon to the local florist "the first one to cuss sends the other flowers"

    Coupon to the movies "after a hard days night"

    Coupon for a local pizza place

    Cd with Richard Simmons work out on it

    Complied CD "Music to Paint By" such as "She Comes in Colors" - "Paint It Black" - "The Painter" -"You Don't Have to Paint Me A Picture" - "Painter Song" - "Two Hands" - "Both Hands"

    Hats with "Alf" and "Ralph" (Green Acres Reference)

    Contractor bags



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    There were so many woodworking plans with this collection and you will not believe this but there are over thousands plans in the one package deal. Go here

    This is really something to find that many all together. For someone like me who is just really starting to get involved with woodworking this was like letting me loose in a candy store and telling me I could have anything I wanted. That was my dream when I was a kid.

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