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Why doesn't it completely work ?

I recently built myself a computer and I put in a 4gb G-Skill memory 1333. I am using Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit and when i look in system i see that i have 4gb and then next to it, it says usable 3.25gb ??? Why does it say it ? How can i fix it ?

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    32-bit windows doesn't support 4 GB..

    you should have gotten a 64-bit system.

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    This is a long and complex answer. Short answer is - don't worry about it.

    You lose some because of the way PCs handle memory. The only way to "reclaim" it is to go to 64-bit. However, you've got overheads in doing that which means you don't really gain anything overall.

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    every single 32bit version of any operating system is limited to 3.2ish gigs of ram. in order to use more then that you need a 64bit operating system....which is limited to 128 gigs of ram.

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